Belleayre: Back on the Road

My wife and I have been dreaming about living in the mountains for a long time. This year we’ve starting to think more seriously about it, focusing on what it would take to make that happen. We’ve had land near Gore for over twenty years, and we want to build on it.

early morning drive

Looking at specifics of creating a house has me thinking about how our lives would change. There have been many reasons to keep things simple. These thoughts present complexity now, but in some ways, could help simplify the future. It could certainly simplify chasing snow.

Each year, when the first new snow is forecast, I find myself wondering if I will answer the call. Do I still have the desire?

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Windham: Make Friends with a Local

After a promising start to the season, a more traditional weather pattern set in. New York skiers and riders are used to their fair share of 50 degree weather and rain in December. This year it has seemed particularly tough, forcing many resorts to delay their opening day.

Windham base area

The resorts that are open have clung to the white ribbon of death. Mountain ops and the dedicated riders who call these mountains home have not been deterred. At the first sign of cold weather both returned in full force.

On Friday, I decided to check out Windham on my way to the flatlands; they seemed to still be holding on to a reasonable amount of snow.

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The Killington World Cup 2022

Superstar was a pile of mud and muck two weeks before the races and that had the town, community and Killington Cup fans at large wondering if the event would even go down. Mother nature complied in the nick of time, transforming Superstar — at the base of the spanking new K1 Lodge — into a course worthy of some of the fastest female skiers on the planet.

Mikaela at the Killington World Cup 2022

With a healthy dose of cold Canadian air and a dedicated snow making crew and even a bit of lake effect, the event pushed the envelope as the skiers raced against the impending forecasts of rain for Sunday’s slalom event.

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