Ski Season Calendar

The summer solstice is, by our thinking at NY Ski Blog, the farthest point the ski season in the east. From this day forward we move closer to winter. We smile just a little bit wider as the days get shorter.

Eleven years ago, for the first time, we published a list of milestones on the longest day of the year, and it’s become a tradition to update it and feature it on the home page. This past year was obviously different.  In the first half of the season we had some excellent days before everything came crashing down due to you-know-what. We’re optimists at NYSkiBlog and as such we’re going to assume — for now — that normalcy will return next season at the lastest.  As such we’re not going to make wholesale changes to the calendar.

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Nyack Kayak and the Concrete Barge

It seems like anywhere I paddle around the metro area, I come across the remains of an abandoned boat. On the Rondout’s Creek in Kingston, in Piermont Marsh, the Middle Bay on Long Island, there’s always a long abandoned hulk, usually so old that the hull has been eaten to the water line. Sometimes all that’s left is an old V8 sticking out of the mud at low tide, watching the years go by as it slowly rusts to nothing.

One of the most baffling examples sits in the middle of “my zone” — the west shore of the Tappan Zee in Rockland County. Right in Nyack, yards away from the marina sits a deteriorating hunk of concrete in the unmistakable shape of a ship. I’ve always been intrigued by the wrecks I’ve encountered but this one fascinates me the most.

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Blackhead Range Catskills Ramble

After poring over maps and calculating mileage Saturday night, I had to make a decision.

One option was the Catskills’ Blackhead range, dropping down to Maplecrest, and climbing Windham High Peak for a counterclockwise loop. That would be 17 miles, including a three-mile pavement slog back to my car.

View towards Colgate Lake

Option two was to go over Black Dome, descend the Black Dome trail and come up the steep side of Blackhead – the route used by the Escarpment Trail Run, returning back to the trail head on Barnum Road. An out and back with a small loop at the end, and a seemingly doable 11 miles.

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