Brownski’s Indy Pass Recap

Indy Pass logoSkiers are making pass decisions for the upcoming season and there’s a lot to consider. My family skied primarily on the Indy Pass last season. Living in the Hudson Valley it worked well for us.  We’re likely to go with it again.

Last year the Indy Pass was new. For their sophomore season, they are tweaking the product a bit. Beyond the addition of more mountains, one of the big new features is that there are now kid prices. A regular Indy Pass will be $199 for adults and $99 for kids 12-and-under.

There will also be an add-on option. If you buy a season pass from one of the Indy mountains, then an Indy Pass would only be $129 additional. Last year we chose the only option: the very reasonable $199 stand alone pass. Here’s my recap.

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Catamount: Into the Clouds

Lately, my kids have been showing less patience with my early morning ski day routine. Even worse then that, dragging them out of bed has been negatively affecting their staying power on the slopes. On our last couple of trips, they’ve been crying uncle early — to the point that we’ve quit by 2 PM.

I figured the situation called for a little parental flexibility, so this time I tried something new, letting them sleep while I booted up and got ready for the lifts to spin. I figured an extra hour of sleep might make a big difference.

When I pulled into the lot at Catamount on Saturday I was greeted by a mountain wrapped in pea soup. I was also greeted by Rich Edwards, Catamount’s “Marketing Director.”

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Bolton Valley: Vermont’s ATV Indy

Thanks to some strategic scheduling, I found myself in northern Vermont with some free time on Friday. After talking with Harvey and checking the Indy Pass resort list, I loaded up my car early and made the short trip to Bolton Valley.

As I approached, I started getting excited. It’s the kind of mountain road that feels like it will lead you to a promised land. Bolton reveals itself slowly; a few miles up the access road, you’ll pass the quaint Timberline Lodge. I continued on to the base lodge a few minutes further up.

Rolling in to the main base area, I saw other early-bird AT skiers. Bolton has a friendly uphill policy, and quite a few locals take advantage of it for early morning workouts.

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