Snow Ridge 3rd Annual Park Jam

The Annual Flower Skate Shop Park Jam at Snow Ridge became my favorite event when launched in 2021. Now in its 3rd year the event has been getting better with a tight park setup and good vibes all around. It’s been an awesome community event with loads of familiar faces each year.

I’ve watched as my Woods Valley crew and other local groups have congealed together around this one event. Although my dreams of winning such an event have faded, it’s still a blast to ride and push myself with all the homies cheering me on. You can bet I have this event marked on my calendar each year; when the date was confirmed I pulled out the park board one last time and got ready for Saturday.

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The Goon Jam Tour at Snow Ridge

The Goon Jam Tour kicked off last weekend, at Snow Ridge in Turin, NY. The Goon brand and tour was created by style savant Lucas Magoon and his wife Tonya. The tour quickly garnered attention with its positive vibe and high profile riders on the roster.

Snow Ridge
North Slope

Tour stops are at independent resorts across the country, there is a focus on supporting family-owned while spreading the love of snowboarding.

Despite the warmup throughout the week, the Goon crew, along with Snow Ridge and the Flower Skate Shop guys worked into the night on Friday to set up the park.

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Flower Shop Rail Jam at Snow Ridge

Despite the rapid approach of the end of the season, I’ve had an amazing few weeks. I followed up BB2 with a deep Monday at Jay Peak. Then this weekend I hit up the second annual Flower Skateshop Rail Jam at Snow Ridge. Like Berms and Brews the park jam has become one of my favorite events. This year the guys from FlowerSkateShop and Snow Ridge really upped their game.

Caleb and the Flower Shop Guys

Saturday morning was still crispy at 9:30am when I pulled into the Ridge. I ran into Flower Shop rider and style guru Nick in the parking lot and asked how it was looking. He had helped set up the day before and with the freezing temperatures overnight, the features were set in nicely.

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