Whiteface Slide 3

Getting to Slide 3 is a fun ride along the slide traverse. As you pass Slide 2B notice that the traverse narrows and can be quite a bucking bronco. Ride alert! Getting thrown will cost you some serious energy.

Slide 3 starts below an intimidating rock slab in a very steep zone. As you leave the slide traverse you’re immediately confronted with a challenge. You can fumble about the entrance or cowboy up and stomp some concise turns to clear two fir filled pinch points.

Whiteface Slide 3
The Last Pinch before Slide 3 Opens Up

Moving from skiers left to right you want to carve a solid right turn around the first clump of fir and into a very narrow gap in the tree line. An aggressive jump turn left will then clear a blind section and put you directly in the fall line. You’re going to accelerate but have faith because you’ll have enough room to stomp turns and dump speed before approaching the first of three rock shelves. Don’t blow up here or you can easily yard sale. Whatever you do, be aware that experienced skiers and riders will be coming in “hot” so don’t clog up this narrow zone for any longer than necessary.

The chokes atop Slide 3 are much cleaner since the heavy rains of 2011, but still require a very tight move to drop into the main chute. Once clear, the slide remains narrow for a couple hundred feet and you must negotiate three rock shelves. With enough snow these are easy drops. Sideslipping is also an option. After these ledges, the slide expands to the width of Essex but it is much steeper. Here you can let them run Bode style! Right after a storm, chest-deep pow is not out of the realm of possibility.

Two classic exit routes exist on Slide 3. Skier’s left brings you over a series of rock slabs which link together like a staircase leading to bottom of slides. In the spring, as the snow starts to melt, these slab grow in size, which makes skiing and riding this line more technical. If you stay a bit skier’s right, a steep chute flushes you into the bottom of 2B. Here you can string together tree islands, bumps and jumps before plowing into bottom of slides.

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