West Mountain: Wing It and Ring It

If you’re a New York skier, I don’t need to tell you that winter has been uninspiring so far. In spite of the valiant efforts of snowmakers across the northeast, there is a pitifully small amount of terrain open for us to slide on. We have been reminded once again that weather is destiny for skiers.

West Mountain Welcome Bear
The West Mountain Welcome Bear

To make matters worse, I don’t have a ton of flexibility, schedule wise. Most of the time I can only do day trips and I need to fit them in whenever I have the time to go.

By the end of December I was getting desperate. When a window opened for me and both my boys to go skiing on the last day of the year, there was no question that we would take advantage of it. I researched our Indy Pass options.

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Indy Pass adds West Mountain

Indy Pass logoToday, the Indy Pass announced the addition of three new ski areas to their lineup, bringing the total number of hills on the pass to 66. All of the resorts who participated this season are returning for the 21/22 season.

“The addition of Powder Mountain, Mt. Ashland and West Mountain will have Indy Pass holders from coast-to-coast jumping for joy”, said Indy Pass founder Doug Fish.

With the addition of West Mountain — located near the southeastern edge of New York’s Adirondack Mountains — passholders will now have access to five resorts in New York: Catamount, Greek Peak, Swain Resort and more recently added Snow Ridge round out the list.

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Skiing on Lincoln’s Birthday

I alway imagined Abraham Lincoln was a hot laps kind of guy. Midwest skiers have to make lemonade out of just about everything so pushing up the Mach numbers may have been Abe’s only option.

I also believe he’d approve of the way I celebrate his birthday — by skiing. I usually ski his birthday solo, out of necessity. Most people don’t get Lincoln’s birthday and Presidents’ Day off. When they were younger I would drop my kids at school and drive up to Mount Peter in Warwick.

Mount Peter on a midweek morning is like having your own personal ski hill. I was always able to rack up impressive vertical, considering how small the hill is. Including the skate from the top of the lift, chair time was most of my morning.

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