Skiing on Lincoln’s Birthday

I alway imagined Abraham Lincoln was a hot laps kind of guy. Midwest skiers have to make lemonade out of just about everything so pushing up the Mach numbers may have been Abe’s only option.

I also believe he’d approve of the way I celebrate his birthday — by skiing. I usually ski his birthday solo, out of necessity. Most people don’t get Lincoln’s birthday and Presidents’ Day off. When they were younger I would drop my kids at school and drive up to Mount Peter in Warwick.

Mount Peter on a midweek morning is like having your own personal ski hill. I was always able to rack up impressive vertical, considering how small the hill is. Including the skate from the top of the lift, chair time was most of my morning.

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When in Doubt: Go Night Skiing

We all know that it’s been a tough winter. Or has winter in the east even really started? With no natural snow in sight, I feel like I am hovering somewhere between depression and paranoia. However, as a believer in the healing power of skiing, I realized there was a solution: go skiing as much as possible.

West Mountain night skiing

A light bulb moment: “Maybe I should start night skiing again?” Yes, night skiing, where packs of teens bomb down in groups of 15 and snow guns blast you while you hug the trail edge to find left overs. And at thirty years of age, you might be the creepy old guy on the mountain skiing in the dark.

Yep, night skiing would definitely cheer me up. I figured I should try it again after all these years.With the expectation of a one-and-done affair, I headed up to West Mountain after work to rediscover night skiing.

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Relaxing Out West

It’s been a great season for East Coast skiers, but if there was one thing we lacked so far it’s been a real spring.


Pre-appointed closing days have been shutting the doors and turning off the lifts at some areas without the opportunity for even one good beach session, cruising groomers and hitting bumps all in the name of getting a good tan and saying goodbye to winter the right way.

With this in mind, I pointed my gear to West Mountain on the mandatory work holiday for Good Friday. West’s location is an advertisement in itself, easily displaying its fully loaded slopes overlooking the Northway, and it seemed like a few other skiers had the same idea.

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