Snow Ridge: Dog Days of Winter

You may not want to believe it but Winter is approaching halftime. Despite a slow start, winter came back with vengeance the last two weeks delivering the goods in varying degree all across the state. I’ve been traveling for work and had some serious FOMO down south. It was bad. I had to stop checking social media and stay off the mountain webcams.

Snow Pocket T Bar
The Snow Pocket T-bar

Home for the weekend, I wanted to make the most of my time off, hoping to find some untracked snow. In situations like this, the Snow Pocket is often part of the calculation. As usual it lay dormant all week waiting for me to claim first T on Saturday morning.

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The Goon Jam Tour at Snow Ridge

The Goon Jam Tour kicked off last weekend, at Snow Ridge in Turin, NY. The Goon brand and tour was created by style savant Lucas Magoon and his wife Tonya. The tour quickly garnered attention with its positive vibe and high profile riders on the roster.

Snow Ridge
North Slope

Tour stops are at independent resorts across the country, there is a focus on supporting family-owned while spreading the love of snowboarding.

Despite the warmup throughout the week, the Goon crew, along with Snow Ridge and the Flower Skate Shop guys worked into the night on Friday to set up the park.

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Windham: Make Friends with a Local

After a promising start to the season, a more traditional weather pattern set in. New York skiers and riders are used to their fair share of 50 degree weather and rain in December. This year it has seemed particularly tough, forcing many resorts to delay their opening day.

Windham base area

The resorts that are open have clung to the white ribbon of death. Mountain ops and the dedicated riders who call these mountains home have not been deterred. At the first sign of cold weather both returned in full force.

On Friday, I decided to check out Windham on my way to the flatlands; they seemed to still be holding on to a reasonable amount of snow.

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