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The NY Weather Center is a jumping off point for skiers looking at options within and around New York state. If your craving NY ski weather forecasts, maps and information all year long, take a look. Or go wider with our US ski weather page or drill down and check our NWS Albany page.

Up top is today’s weather and a thumbnail links to the day or night forecast for the upcoming week.

We’ve got weather pages for each of the five NWS zones that cover the state.

Plus we’ve got direct links to the NWS forecast synopsis for each region. These in-depth discussions are updated twice a day around 4am and 4pm Eastern Time.

Further down is the Custom Northeast Ski Area Radar, the Statewide 48 Hour Snowfall Forecast, Predicted Highs and Lows and short-term NY Snowfall Forecasts.

New York is a state with ski hills in the mountains and many in the lake effect zones too. Click around, drill down into the New York weather pages directly below, find some snow, and start planning your next adventure.

NWS New York Regional Weather Pages
Albany Burlington Binghamton Buffalo New York City

72 Hour Weather Forecast

12 Hr 24 Hr 36 Hr 48 Hr 60 Hr 72 Hr
12 hr 24 hr 36 hr 48 hr 60 hr 72 hr

Northeast Ski Radar

Short Term Temps, Rain and Snowfall

NY Max Temp Forecast NY Min Temp Forecast
Next High Temperature Next Low Temperature
NY 6 Hour Qpf NY 12 Hour Qpf NY 18 Hour Qpf NY 24 Hour Qpf
06 Hr Qpf 12 Hr Qpf 18 Hr Qpf 24 Hr Qpf
6 Hour Snowfall 12 Hour Snowfall 18 Hour Snowfall 24 Hour Snowfall
06 Hr Snowfall 12 Hr Snowfall 18 Hr Snowfall 24 Hr Snowfall

NWS NY Snowfall

NWS Forecast Discussions
Albany Binghamton Burlington Buffalo NY City East US

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