BGM Weather Center

The National Weather Service in Binghamton NY publishes a volume of quality weather data, forecasts, maps, watches and advisories. This page is designed as a portal for skiers to access that NWS BGM data.

The Binghamton county warning area includes several important central New York ski areas including Greek Peak, Labrador, Toggenburg, Song Mountain and Plattekill. And Elk Mountain, to the south, could have the best terrain in Eastern PA.

We’ve got the NWS BGM point forecast map, radar, snowfall forecast, short and longer-term temperature and precipitation forecasts, a link to the NWS BGM forecast discussion and webcams and ski reports from central New York.

Central New York rocks, so pick a place and ski.

72 Hour Weather Forecast

12 Hr 24 Hr 36 Hr 48 Hr 60 Hr 72 Hr
12 hr 24 hr 36 hr 48 hr 60 hr 72 hr

Short Term Temps, Rain and Snowfall

BGM Next High Temp Forecast Map BGM Next Low Temp Forecast Map
Next High Temperature Next Low Temperature
BGM 6 Hour Qpf Forecast BGM 12 Hour Qpf Forecast BGM 18 Hour Qpf Forecast BGM 24 Hour Qpf Forecast
06 Hr Qpf 12 Hr Qpf 18 Hr Qpf 24 Hr Qpf
BGM 6 Hour Snowfall BGM 12 Hour Snowfall BGM 18 Hour Wx Forecast BGM 24 Hour Wx Forecast
06 Hr Snowfall 12 Hr Snowfall 18 Hr Snowfall 24 Hr Snowfall

NWS BGM Storm Total Snowfall Forecast
BGM Storm Total Snow Forecast

We want this page to be a go-to source for BTV weather info. If you’ve got ideas about how to make this page more valuable, post your thoughts on the Blog, or in the Weather Forum or email us. Small maps click to enlarge.