Haverstraw Bay to George’s Island Park by Kayak

My plan was a one way paddle from Cold Spring to Beacon. Ever since my son got his driver’s license and we bought a third vehicle, I’ve wanted to take advantage of not having to return to my launch spot when I go paddling. Buying a tandem kayak was the last piece of the puzzle.

Haverstraw Boat Launch

I researched my route, rearranged cars in the driveway so the two I planned to use were in the back and started gathering up gear. When it was time to load my tandem kayak, I went to find Junior to see if he was ready to help.

“Actually, I was gonna work on my assignment for my writing class that starts tomorrow” he said, unexpectedly. That threw me off.

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Kayaking Beacon NY: Denning’s Point and Fishkill Creek

It’s been a long time since I set foot in the city of Beacon NY, not since I left a Hudson Valley sales territory for a new job in the metro area over sixteen years ago.

Hamilton Fish Bridge

I wasn’t very impressed with Beacon back then but I can’t say I was avoiding the place either. Over the years my kayaking excursions have brought me to Newburgh, Cold Spring, Cornwall and other spots nearby.

In the meantime I’d been hearing about all kinds of new developments and downtown revitalization going on in Beacon. I figured it was about time I planned a return visit. We drove up the Thruway and across the Hamilton Fish Bridge and arrived at Beacon’s Riverfront Park right around two thirty.

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Craigslist Kayak Adventures

I’ve wanted to get my hands on a tandem kayak for years now. Not just any tandem though; I wanted a big seaworthy double cockpit, expedition-capable boat.

NY Thruway

For more casual paddlers, this kind of kayak is more boat then required. Hell, for most of my paddling it is overkill but there are times when my home waters get dangerous. Plus, I occasionally get out on big water and have ambitions towards multi-day trips with my kids in the future so I wanted a really capable boat.

That’s my justification at least. Maybe it’s just quiver envy. Like with skis, I always seem to be looking towards the next piece of gear that would really up my game.

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