Lake Tiorati Paddle

As much as I would have loved skiing the bumps at Killington this past weekend, I was coming off of two long drives — one to central Pennsylvania last Saturday to pick up a new minivan I’d ordered ten months ago and then an eight hour round trip on Friday to help my son move out of his dorm. I wasn’t ready for another marathon drive, I was looking for local adventures to get outside.

Lake Tiorati parking

Last year I spent a lot of time paddling at Harriman State Park but I was too late to register my boats for one of the limited number of spots in the paddlers’ parking lots at Lake Tiorati and Lake Welch. Parking is a problem during the summer so having access to the boaters’ parking is a big advantage.

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Adirondack Double: Gore Mountain and Rogers Rock

The number of eastern mountains running lifts has dwindled quickly in April. I might still get more days in Vermont but this weekend was the end of the ski season for New York. It’s a melancholy time every year but of course, we have to accept reality. I remind myself, there is more to life than just skiing. We still have lots of fun, adventurous things to do.

Gore Mountain summit

My favorite way to get outdoors during the summer months is flatwater paddling. I’ve long had the idea in the back of my mind that I could make the transition from skiing to paddling in a single trip. I didn’t invent the idea. This time of year, social media fills up with “I skied and golfed the same day” or “I skied and mountain biked” posts. But I haven’t done it before.

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Mohawk Mountain: Late Start, Hot Laps, No Biggie

The Brownski household has gotten off to a sort of a slow start this ski season. Junior is leading the pack since he’s been working as a liftie again and made it to Plattekill twice. Dangerboy only has two days. I’ve gotten in a day at Greek, three at Plattekill, and now one at Mohawk Mountain in Connecticut.

Mohawk Mountain Ski Area sign

It’s not just lack of dedication. The industry I work in is very busy during the months of November and December. It’s always challenging for me to find the time for early season skiing. Junior was working on Monday so it was just me and Dangerboy, my 16 year old son.

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