Belleayre: Not Giving Up

It has been a good winter for skiing. In the grand scheme of things, that may be a trivial thing but there it is. I’ve been a nomad this winter. I skied more then ten different hills, including four new ones. Of course nothing lasts forever. The seasons change and we must move on. With the warm weather and impending rain, giving up on the ski season this weekend would have been understandable. But I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel.

Belleayre sign

I wanted to keep skiing. Until Saturday, I hadn’t included any ORDA mountains in my ‘20/‘21 ski odyssey so I figured it was a good time to take a break from exploring and retrace the well worn path to Belleayre Mountain in the Catskills.

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Mohawk: Don’t Try This at Home

By one in the afternoon, we’d already ditched every layer we could and we were still pretty hot. We were having a great day and it wasn’t over yet. Even as the racers’ families were packing up their cars, we were headed back up the lift sans coats. By then it was close to sixty degrees.

It was a far cry from my first run of the morning. With my son sleeping soundly down in the parking lot and the temps still hovering around freezing, I’d ridden up one of Mohawk Mountain’s several triple chairs. It was my third visit to the cool little family hill in Connecticut, and I knew where I wanted to start, all the way over to skiers’ right.

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Mount Peter: Spring into Action

Skiers have an ambiguous attitude towards springtime. When the weather turns warm around this time of year, we know that ski season will end soon. On the other hand, spring skiing is tons of fun.

That’s why, last week, when the snow in my front yard disappeared, I wasn’t despondent.

I admit I was jealous of the people who were able to get away midweek to make some spring turns while I worked. My social media was filled up with pictures of people skiing soft bumps and corn snow under the warm sun. Mixed in with the jealousy was excitement at the prospect of getting after some awesome spring turns myself.

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