Big SNOW: New Jersey’s Best Mall Skiing

I skied at Big SNOW American Dream last Friday. To be honest, I didn’t expect much. I’ve been curious about it and only live about 40 minutes away, so maybe I should have gone sooner.

As cool as off-season skiing sounds, the tiny little beginner hill, packed into a mall, wasn’t too appealing. I just couldn’t summon the motivation.


Last weekend, I needed a box of doughnuts for a Halloween event I was attending first thing Saturday morning. Krispy Kremes are the best-in-class product closest to me, and ten minutes away from Big SNOW, so I combined trips to check the place out.

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Brownski’s Indy Pass Recap

Indy Pass logoSkiers are making pass decisions for the upcoming season and there’s a lot to consider. My family skied primarily on the Indy Pass last season. Living in the Hudson Valley it worked well for us.  We’re likely to go with it again.

Last year the Indy Pass was new. For their sophomore season, they are tweaking the product a bit. Beyond the addition of more mountains, one of the big new features is that there are now kid prices. A regular Indy Pass will be $199 for adults and $99 for kids 12-and-under.

There will also be an add-on option. If you buy a season pass from one of the Indy mountains, then an Indy Pass would only be $129 additional. Last year we chose the only option: the very reasonable $199 stand alone pass. Here’s my recap.

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USS Slater Albany Waterfront Paddle

When you think about paddling in New York, you probably don’t think about the state capital, Albany. There’s good reason for that. There are many paddling destinations in the state that are more exciting, more challenging and more picturesque then the Hudson River along the Albany waterfront.

Albany boat launch

Why would anyone paddle Albany? Well, it’s there. Really, it’s right there. If you’re in Albany county, paddling the Hudson River is really convenient.

Recently, on a visit to see family, I brought Junior and my kayaks north with me. It had been a long time since I paddled this part of the river.

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