Mohawk Mountain: Late Start, Hot Laps, No Biggie

The Brownski household has gotten off to a sort of a slow start this ski season. Junior is leading the pack since he’s been working as a liftie again and made it to Plattekill twice. Dangerboy only has two days. I’ve gotten in a day at Greek, three at Plattekill, and now one at Mohawk Mountain in Connecticut.

Mohawk Mountain Ski Area sign

It’s not just lack of dedication. The industry I work in is very busy during the months of November and December. It’s always challenging for me to find the time for early season skiing. Junior was working on Monday so it was just me and Dangerboy, my 16 year old son.

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Better than a Corvette: Joining Patrol

“Some guys buy a Corvette when they turn fifty. Other guys join ski patrol.” Spoken by a Belleayre patroller who showed up on a Saturday to help finish the testing process for some of my fellow patrol candidates. Joining ski patrol is my version of a mid-life crisis. Fundamentally, I was the same as a guy who buys the car he has been lusting after for most of his life.

injury at Killington
East Fall at Killington

Like the Belleayre patrollers, I was there to help out with testing. My son and I had been through the process a month before. It was the end of a long road that began last fall when I spotted a post on social media announcing that a patroller from Belleayre would be conducting an Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) class for interested parties.

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Silvermine Lake Paddle

Long time readers might remember that I spend a lot of time recreating around Silvermine Lake in Harriman State Park. In the past I’ve written about taking my kids to explore the ruins of the defunct ski area, using the still-skiable trails to fool around with touring gear in the winter and as a spot for an easy loop hike around the lake, utilizing a portion of the Appalachian Trail and the CCC era Silvermine Ski Road. What first drew me to the spot though was the lake.

Lewis Brook

It’s not a big lake and doesn’t offer anything challenging but it’s still a cool spot to paddle a canoe or kayak. What sets it apart from most of the other lakes in Harriman is that there are no camps or picnic areas directly on its shores.

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