Hunter: The Season Opens in NY

After the 2019-20 ski season ended with a whimper on the wind, I was determined to ski every chance I got this year and be thankful for it. So when Hunter Mountain — one of three hills that I can day trip from Long Island — announced Opening Day 2020, I made a reservation.

Alan Belsky
photo by Gabrielle Feilen, Hunter Mountain

I pulled into the muddy lot to the right of the main building a little after 9:30. Everyone was funneled into one entrance greeted by three or four Hunter employees with scanners. I breezed past the ticket windows serving a handful of customers and through the underpass without going into the lodge. A ribbon of beautiful white snow and a mass of maybe fifty people were in line or milling around the base, all wearing masks.

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Man, I Wanna Be a Local

Man, I want to be a local. And this year, I’m not alone. Second homes in the mountains have been occupied full time since the spring, and the real estate market in the Adirondacks and Catskills has been off the hook.

But for me, this isn’t a new thing. I’ve been dreaming of living in the mountains of New York since I found them for the first time back in 1988. I discovered my love for cold and snow and remote locales, freeheeling in leather boots in the Siamese Pond Wilderness.

While we have a plan to make it happen, it’s a few years off, in 2024, so it’s not going to help me this season.

In pursuit

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Indy Pass adds Snow Ridge

Indy Pass logoThe Indy Pass is adding Snow Ridge in Turin NY to its lineup of New York ski areas. Passholders will now have access to four resorts in the state: Catamount, Greek Peak and recently added Swain Resort round out the list.

Snow Ridge — located in New York’s snowbelt — is a great addition to the pass, and potentially more so in a year when access to the powder of Vermont is in doubt.

For 75 years Snow Ridge has been delivering deep powder turns in the lake effect snow that falls to the east of Lake Ontario. Long before snowmaking became the price of entry in the ski business, it was the place to be for deep powder in New York.  To this day the 230+ inch annual snow totals, make it the snowiest resort in the state.

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