Holiday Valley: It Snowed Out West

Like the rest of the northeast, we’ve been patiently waiting for winter to arrive here in Western New York. We received our typical early season dump that puts a foot on the ground only to take it away a week or so later. Then we had a slow start with limited snow-making windows.


There have been moments where we thought it was on, a few small storms with a couple inches here and there. There was also the recent storm that dropped 20” in the Buffalo metro area but left the ski areas to the south high and dry. We were all waiting for the weather to send some classic WNY lake effect to the hills.

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Snow Ridge: The Snow Pocket Opens

A lot can be said about the tenacity of east coast riders. Ski The East is an idea that resonates. We ski in the rain, we lay edges in ice and last week some of us braved negative temperatures to make a few good turns. Some saw the temperatures and canceled plans. Others saw the upside: ski on lifts and quality snow.

Snow Ridge lodge

It was 8 below when I left Utica and negative 14 as I pulled into the parking lot at Snow Ridge. I was already wearing most of my gear for the drive, so I slipped into my boots and headed into the lodge for the ticket.

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Woods Valley: Wednesday Night Lights

Skiers and boarders adapt to all kinds of change.  Conditions, weather and equipment are constantly in motion. In the flurry of change, there are also constants.


Our favorite mountains do not move, our favorite lifties still spin our favorite chairs, and we can count on our best partners to ride with us. Back at Woods Valley for the first time this season, it all felt right.

After work on Wednesday, I drove to Woods. When I pulled into the lot I noticed changes around the mountain. The new lodge is almost complete and was just starting to glow as the external lights turned on.

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