Plattekill Powderdaize 2023

Man it feels like a long road this season. There have been many moments of joy, and there has been a lot to accomplish in between. I’ve taken to calling it all logistics. It may be a little jaded, but it helps me get it done.

the road to Plattekill Powderdaize 2023

To push this back to skiing, let’s talk about Plattekill’s Powderdaize, a gift from the heavens above. If it’s going to snow big in the middle of the week, and the mountain isn’t rented, Laszlo makes the call to spin the lifts. It’s a balancing act, getting the staff ready, while watching the snow totals and p-type. When the storm delivers, it’s a nice reward for both skiers and mountain.

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Whiteface: Slides Gold Weekend

Whiteface has the largest vertical drop of any ski area in the northeast. It’s also the only eastern ski area to have ever held an Olympics. As such, it goes without saying that they have steep terrain, lots of it. Not only do they have steep terrain, but they also have some of the most unique and challenging terrain in the east.

The objective

That terrain is known as The Slides. Located a short hike above the Summit Quad, The Slides include five distinct lines down natural rock slides. They even include frozen waterfalls. There is no snowmaking, no grooming, and no trail work of any kind. It’s a unique opportunity to ski backcountry style terrain, in-bounds at a ski area.

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Greek Peak: All in the Family

I feel fortunate to have come from a family of skiers. Skiing families raise skiers, and I’m grateful that I learned to ride at a young age. Part of my family lives in California; they’re hardcore skiers who access terrain through backcountry gates, almost exclusively skiing the trees. My aunt and my uncle, in their 70s now, seek out soft snow and bluebird days with no crowds.

Greek Peak

Unfortunately for the cousins out East, the options are not quite as deep as they are in Tahoe. For us any new snow is good and there’s nothing wrong with cruising the groomers. We make the most of it, and with winter returning the East Coast family was ready to get back on the slopes.

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