The Ski Wing Murders

I learned about the Ski Wing Murders in a roundabout way. This summer we’ve been working on the NYSkiBlog Guide, our directory of all kinds of historical data. One goal is to make progress on our Western NY Ski Areas section during this offseason.

In the process, we’ve come across information about some great looking NY ski areas that are now gone. Places with Holiday Valley vertical and more than 100 inches of snow in an average year. This peaked our curiosity.

This story is about a NY ski area that was best known as Ski Wing, even though the area had three different names from 1958 to 1993. The story is both tragic and incredible.
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Gore Mountain Reopens the Hudson Trail

As announced earlier this season on Facebook, Gore Mountain is working this summer to reopen the original Hudson Trail on Town of Johnsburg land at the North Creek Ski Bowl.


The reborn trail leaves the current lift line at Tower 13 and makes it’s way down little Gore Mountain roughly parallel to 46er, rejoining the trail at Tower 4. There are will be couple of exits back to the lift at Tower 9 and Tower 7.

It’s a fall line trail with naturally banked turns that will require minimal earth moving to complete. We spoke to Mike Pratt Gore GM about this project in the last few days.

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NYSkiBlog Directory: A History of Belleayre

Belleayre's Historic Double
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Belleayre Mountain holds a prominent place in the history of skiing in New York. It was the first lift-assisted ski area in the Catskills, and boasted New York’s first chair lift — a Roebling single that was installed in 1950. Carved out of the forest preserve, the creation of the ski area required constitution amendments to allow creation of an “intensive use area” at Pine Hill.

Belleayre’s fortunes have ebbed and flowed. As early as 1929 the mountain was viewed as the place to ski in the Catskills. The legislative bills and public referendum that were required to allow the construction of the ski area faced relatively little opposition.

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