Gore Mountain Easter Monday

I’ve been skiing weekdays this season. Obviously crowds are lighter, and it takes some juggling to manage work responsibilities. One loophole, our small company grants a lessor known holiday, Easter Monday. I headed to Gore.

It worked out pretty well. I had a 3-day weekend with the family then, after Easter dinner on Sunday, I drove north to our cabin in the Adirondacks. I’d forgotten how weird it feels to load your skis into your car when it’s 65 degrees and sunny.

When you get into the mountains, it starts to make sense again. There was little natural snow around, mostly just plow snow, but hey, I was in the mountains. Normally, if you’re not rolling in at say midnight, you can see the bumps on Rumor as you approach from the south on Route 28.

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Gore Mountain: Packed Out Trees

This season, the new normal rewards weekday skiing even more than usual, at least for me. It’s not ticket availability or crowd issues; this year my family needs me more on the weekends.

The result is I’ve had fewer total ski days, with more day trips to Plattekill and reduced overnights at Gore. The skiing has been great this season, so it’s all good.

First tracks on 46er
First on 46er

Still, before this trip I had only five days on my SKI3 Pass, four at Gore and one at Belleayre. With a chance of snow forecast for Tuesday of President’s Week, I planned to ski Gore on Sunday and Monday and Gore or Whiteface on Tuesday.

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A New York Ski Journey

For reasons you might know, I hadn’t skied in nearly a month. I knew I was out of shape, but not sure how far. I wondered about my wind, would it be affected? It was time to figure it out, on my first trip, back in the game. On Friday morning, I headed north toward the snow.


I still have this feeling that I’m on borrowed time, like skiing could go away at any moment. Planning to ski four days in a row was a sign, I was going to push it. It had been snowing all week, and physically there was no reason I shouldn’t ski.

My doctor, a skier herself, told me to “take it easy.” I think we both knew that advice would be heeded, but only up to a certain point.

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