Gore Mountain: Packed Out Trees

This season, the new normal rewards weekday skiing even more than usual, at least for me. It’s not ticket availability or crowd issues; this year my family needs me more on the weekends.

The result is I’ve had fewer total ski days, with more day trips to Plattekill and reduced overnights at Gore. The skiing has been great this season, so it’s all good.

First tracks on 46er
First on 46er

Still, before this trip I had only five days on my SKI3 Pass, four at Gore and one at Belleayre. With a chance of snow forecast for Tuesday of President’s Week, I planned to ski Gore on Sunday and Monday and Gore or Whiteface on Tuesday.

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Petersburg Pass: Skiing the Far East

For some reason, I’ve started responding to those facebook offers to re-share photos from the same date in previous years. Recently I shared a shot of a brand new and unmounted pair of telemark bindings — Rottefella RT8s — from five years ago.

driving Route 2

I’m not really sure why I shared it, other than I liked the picture. Brian, a fb friend I’d never met, commented “Dammit.. I can use Cobra parts right now.”  I knew I’d probably never use them, so I offered them to him.

Brian lives in the capital district so theoretically I could do some kind of handoff on a trip to our place near Gore. But he had a different idea: He offered to meet me for some earned turns on the Taconic Crest Trail, near the NY/MA border.

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Plattekill Powder Daize 2021

There have been some drives, and there have been some drives from hell. Aside from the occasional bout with lake effect bands on my way into the Tug, most of those battles involve big coastal storms. Sometimes in the east, when it snows in the mountains, it snows in the flatlands too. Sometimes, I have to drive through it.

snow on Main Street
Main Street Flatlands USA

The new normal can complicate things. It’s always better to arrive in the mountains before the snow starts to fall. It’s often much easier to do that when you stay overnight.

We have a place in the southern Adirondacks and I have used it to my advantage. But in the Catskills this year, I’ve had to improvise. A few times in the past I’ve been able find a place to stay and it’s paid off.

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