Man, I Wanna Be a Local

Man, I want to be a local. And this year, I’m not alone. Second homes in the mountains have been occupied full time since the spring, and the real estate market in the Adirondacks and Catskills has been off the hook.

But for me, this isn’t a new thing. I’ve been dreaming of living in the mountains of New York since I found them for the first time back in 1988. I discovered my love for cold and snow and remote locales, freeheeling in leather boots in the Siamese Pond Wilderness.

While we have a plan to make it happen, it’s a few years off, in 2024, so it’s not going to help me this season.

In pursuit

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Come On, Vermont!

Vermont is in a unique position. Largely rural — and without a major metropolitan area within the state’s borders — Vermont has avoided the levels of infection from the pandemic that have affected other states in the Northeast, and the rest of the country.

Middlebury Snow Bowl
Middlebury Snow Bowl

While infection rates in Vermont aren’t really that different than many of the more rural areas of New York, because Vermont doesn’t have those dense urban areas, the statewide rate for infection has been much lower than other states. (For example at the time of this writing, Chittenden County infection rates are equal to or above those in the neighboring NY counties just across the lake.)

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The Endless Helmet Debate

Invariably with skiers, the topic of helmets comes up. Who wears them, and why. It can be a contentious clash between safety and freedom. Like some other arguments I can think of, often nothing is resolved and no one changes their mind.

first season tree skiing
The Cirque

Recent discussion reminded me of my own experience. I first started wearing a helmet after the big Valentine’s Day Storm of 2007. The snowpack was especially deep at Gore and I was skiing the trees full time.  It got me thinking.

My wife and I went into the old Mountain and Bordertown in North Creek. (Who remembers?!) We checked out two models, one was $60 the other was $110.  We asked: “what’s the difference between the two helmets?”

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