Indy Pass adds Jay Peak

Jay Peak logoIn what might be the biggest pass news of the preseason, the Indy Pass has announced the addition of Jay Peak to its lineup for the 2020/21 season.  This is huge for Indy skiers as Jay — a powder and tree skier’s paradise — is, or was, probably the most notable unaffiliated mountain in the northeast.

The blockbuster announcement was broken moments ago in an exclusive, by the industry’s fastest growing podcast, the Storm Skiing Journal. In addition, SSJ will be airing a podcast with Jay Peak’s GM, Steve Wright, later this afternoon.

Now entering its second season, Indy has posted some explosive growth of its own.

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North and Northeast

If you don’t live near-ish to where it’s going to hit, sometimes, even with fairly accurate medium range weather forecasts, getting the goods can feel like a military assault — as much logistics as action.

This last storm thankfully crested on a Friday. A rarity, I can assure you as my schedule is always the same and I am always watching the weather in winter. When it appeared, I knew I had to do what it took to get, somewhere. Probably the farther north, the better.

After a lot of talking and texting about Le Massif de Charlevoix and other exotic and distant locales, as the weather pattern firmed up, we settled on Whiteface and Jay.

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Jay Peak: All the Way

Few things compare to sharing a cabin in the mountains with friends. When the call for an early season trip came, I had to answer. The mountain was Jay Peak and it’s been on my bucket list for too long.

Jay Peak tram line

The weather looked ominous, but I’d caught Face of Winter earlier in the week at the Stanley and I was more than a little hyped to get up to Vermont. After five hours in the car we found ourselves in the “Fun Haus” complete with wood-fired hot tub and Mardi Gras deer head above the toilet.

It was hard to sleep. Friday morning we drove 10 minutes to the mountain, getting glimpses of the Jay through the trees. Several inches of snow had fallen during the week and warm temperatures meant the snow would be soft.

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