Plattekill Powderdaize 2023

Man it feels like a long road this season. There have been many moments of joy, and there has been a lot to accomplish in between. I’ve taken to calling it all logistics. It may be a little jaded, but it helps me get it done.

the road to Plattekill Powderdaize 2023

To push this back to skiing, let’s talk about Plattekill’s Powderdaize, a gift from the heavens above. If it’s going to snow big in the middle of the week, and the mountain isn’t rented, Laszlo makes the call to spin the lifts. It’s a balancing act, getting the staff ready, while watching the snow totals and p-type. When the storm delivers, it’s a nice reward for both skiers and mountain.

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Plattekill: Catskill Score at Last

It’s been impressive to see the snowmaking efforts in the Catskills this year, combatting an absence of natural snowfall around here. March though, always seems to provide a selection of good ski days in the Northeast. It’s typically the snowiest month of the season.


Finally this week, winter decided to throw us a double shot of the good stuff; a twenty-plus inch storm cycle in the span of just a few days. Discussion amongst snow chasers showed many felt Plattekill might lie outside of the sweet spot for the second storm,  and to an extent the National Weather Service agreed.

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Snow Ridge: Dog Days of Winter

You may not want to believe it but Winter is approaching halftime. Despite a slow start, winter came back with vengeance the last two weeks delivering the goods in varying degree all across the state. I’ve been traveling for work and had some serious FOMO down south. It was bad. I had to stop checking social media and stay off the mountain webcams.

Snow Pocket T Bar
The Snow Pocket T-bar

Home for the weekend, I wanted to make the most of my time off, hoping to find some untracked snow. In situations like this, the Snow Pocket is often part of the calculation. As usual it lay dormant all week waiting for me to claim first T on Saturday morning.

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