Ski, Ski, Ski Catamount

This winter, I bought season passes for myself and my two sons at Catamount Mountain in Hillsdale, NY. Deciding what pass to buy is never easy but I was confident that we would get our money’s worth this year.

skin setup

In addition to Cat, the pass gives me access to Berkshire East (which I love) and Bosquet (which I’ve never skied).

Even better is the fact that Cat is on the Indy Pass so you can buy an add-on that gives you a couple days each at lots of other northeast resorts like Greek Peak, Magic Mountain and Jay Peak.

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Rich Edwards of Catamount

Catamount logoRich Edwards is an unassuming guy who grew up among New York skiing royalty. His father Don Edwards and his business partners were intimately involved in the original development of skiing at Silvermine, Fahnestock, Sterling Forest and they took over Catamount in 1974.

After owning Catamount for 45 years, the mountain was sold to the owners of Berkshire East. Rich is still part of the Catamount team today.

Rich has a deep well of NY ski knowledge, and we tried to tap into it, in a relatively short interview.

— Harvey

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Close Comfortable Catamount

It had been too long. If my notes are correct my last real day of skiing last season was March 8. We all know what happened, I’ll try not to dwell on it, too much.

Last weekend I went online and figured out how to get reservations at Catamount on our Indy Passes. I’d already waxed our skis so I just had to warn Junior that he was getting up early on Sunday and we were all set.

The drive up the Taconic Parkway went smoothly; Junior slept in the passenger seat and I enjoyed the familiar scenery. I exited onto Route 23 and headed east to the border of New York and Massachusetts where Catamount straddles the line.

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