The Queen of the Catskills

Queen of the CatskillsWe’d never known of Julie McGuire until the pandemic changed everything. All of a sudden it seemed she was all over Facebook ski groups like Ski the East and Skiology posting pictures of the Catskill backcountry, sharing adventures, stoke and her love for great beer. Based in the Hudson Valley, with a thing for Bearpen, she became known as The Queen of the Catskills, with a t-shirt to prove it.

Her irrepressible smile, open-book approach to her own personal struggles and unquenchable thirst for adventure are unique and hard to ignore. When she let it slip that she had the Haute Route on her resume, we reached out to interview her.

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Interview: Geoff Hatheway of Magic Mountain

Magic Mountain logoOver the last several years Magic Mountain has been transformed from a marginal business with neglected infrastructure on the edge of extinction into a ski mountain that looks viable for the long term. Back then, it seemed Magic’s most valuable asset was its small dedicated following. Now, lifts and snowmaking, which were both in desperate need of investment, have been upgraded in a significant way.

The responsibility for this renaissance falls squarely on the shoulders of the new ownership group led by Geoff Hatheway, Magic’s President and outspoken public face of the mountain. What follows is our interview with him.

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Interview: Stuart Winchester of Storm Skiing Journal

Stuart WinchesterIt may seem like Stuart Winchester came out of nowhere to launch The Storm Skiing Journal and Podcast, one of the most influential new ski media channels in the Northeast. But it’s not true. He didn’t come out of nowhere and his podcast and newsletter are addressing issues that affect the entire industry.

His energy combined with some unique skills are propelling The Storm forward. He’s passionate about skiing and writing. He’s got the ability to synthesize information and understand developing trends. Most amazing to us, is his ability to maintain his industry relationships, while speaking the unvarnished truth.

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