TGR Stoke the Fire

Ski movie tours are a long-standing tradition, going all the way back, almost to the very beginning of downhill skiing in the United States. Names like Miller and Barrymore pioneered the art form in the days when ski movies were narrated by a guy standing at the back of the theater, often the same guy who edited the film with tape and a pair of scissors. For many people, attending the annual ski movie premiere in person still marks the unofficial start of the ski season.

East 32nd St in NYC

I’ve been to a few tour stops but this year I wanted to change things up. I’d never been to a Teton Gravity Research movie so that was my first stop when researching options. I’ve been a fan of their movies for awhile but always just ordered the DVDs (when that was a thing) or streamed them.

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Between Two Worlds: The Long Path Trail

Poles? Check. Pack? Check. IPA? Check. Metrocard? Checking for this item was something new.

For some context, my year and a half of country living is being interrupted by this year of teaching back in the city. I plan on making the move full-time upstate this summer, but my intuition told me to go back to the city for one more year.

West Side Highway
West Side Highway

I don’t know how to express to people how hard this is. Being upstate was so transformative. In the city you always have to be on guard. If you appear weak, whether it’s walking down the street or standing in front of a classroom, then you’re a target. It’s constant vigilance and anticipation.

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Return to Central Park

I like my routines and left to my own devices I’d live what most would consider a pretty boring life. Work, exercise, gardening, eat, sleep and in the winter, ski. Even crazier, I’m not fond of travel. I love being in amazing places, I just don’t like getting there.

10 Columbus Circle

Last week I traveled by train to New York City for a conference and to meet new clients. Easy travel for sure, unless you compare it to my daily commute, two blocks on foot.

My travel itinerary was pretty simple. Northeast Corridor Rail to NY Penn Station, The 7th Avenue “1” train to 59th street and into the complex at 10 Columbus Circle. It’s a modern shopping center with a theater that is used for musical performances and meetings.

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