Ski Season Calendar

When does ski season start?

The summer solstice is, by our thinking at NYSkiBlog, the farthest point from the ski season in New York. From this day forward we move closer to winter. We smile just a little bit wider as the days get shorter.

Twelve years ago, for the first time, we published our Ski Season Calendar, a list of milestones for skiers on the longest day of the year. It’s become a tradition to feature it on the home page and update it as necessary.  Last year at this time we again predicted (hoped) that life would return to normal and maybe it has.  One thing is an immutable truth once we had some excellent ski days this season.

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What makes a great season?

The season’s not over, but the approaching end has me looking back. For the second year in a row it looks like I’ll hit 25 days, significantly below my long term average of 35. It was also the second consecutive season where snowfall was below average, especially in areas closest to home.

CRV in a snowstorm

Still, I find myself thinking I had a great season. How can that be, it makes no sense?

It is so, in part, because greatness is relative. It’s in the eye of skiing beholder. If you’re not local to the mountains, great seasons start with a good attitude and an eye on the medium-term forecast.

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TGR Stoke the Fire

Ski movie tours are a long-standing tradition, going all the way back, almost to the very beginning of downhill skiing in the United States. Names like Miller and Barrymore pioneered the art form in the days when ski movies were narrated by a guy standing at the back of the theater, often the same guy who edited the film with tape and a pair of scissors. For many people, attending the annual ski movie premiere in person still marks the unofficial start of the ski season.

East 32nd St in NYC

I’ve been to a few tour stops but this year I wanted to change things up. I’d never been to a Teton Gravity Research movie so that was my first stop when researching options. I’ve been a fan of their movies for awhile but always just ordered the DVDs (when that was a thing) or streamed them.

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