The Perfect Ski Partner

What makes a good ski partner?

My admittedly sarcastic answer is that I’d like to ski with a clone of myself; someone that’s as good or maybe just a little faster then I am.

I’ve done some informal research on this, reaching out to other skiers. Some people come back with “my kids” or “my family.” I’m sure those folks are sincere. Skiing with my kids is one of the great joys in my life and they’re getting better. Every time we go out, they are a little bit closer to achieving perfect ski buddy status. They should be, I’ve been brainwashing them since the age of three.

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A Brick in the Wall

I recently wrote a blog post to draw attention to the Northeast Face Shield Project. The idea is to raise funds and use it to produce a modest quantity of facial protection for healthcare workers in our region. While government is trying to bail us out of this mess, we wanted to do some bailing too.

Nearly deserted NY Thruway

There are all kinds of ways to help America. Stay at home. Help older people with their shopping. Shop without hoarding. Work out payment terms. Call your mom. Just being nice to people is a way to help. I wrote that post because it was something I could do.

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Desperate for a Different Kind of Stoke

We’re all aware that the world is in crisis. We’re battling a virus with the potential to infect millions of people worldwide. A coordinated global effort is needed to fight back.

But we can also act as individuals in ways that can make a real difference.

Matthew Bramble, founder of the Northeast Skiology Group, has come up with an idea to 3D print cheap and effective shields that can help protect the doctors, nurses and respiratory therapists who are so vulnerable. This defense is a crucial weapon in the fight of their lives. You can help.

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