A First Solo Adventure

This past February I had a ski day with my daughter that inspired me. It still inspires me. She challenged Gore’s steepest terrain and emerged confident and victorious. It felt like a big step.

solo adventure
Set sail

Dad story alert, opt out if you must.

Last week, on our annual end of summer trip to the mountains, it seemed she made another move forward. And she did it on her own. She had this idea that she wanted to do something, in the woods, by herself, but she wasn’t quite sure what. Mom and I struggled a bit with what that might be, but ultimately did propose an idea.

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Delaware River Rafting: Barryville to Pond Eddy

Most of my paddling is what can be called “flatwater” kayaking. I put my boat in the water someplace, paddle for a while, turn around, and then get off the water in the same place I launched. It’s not that the water doesn’t move, just that there’s no overwhelming, one-way current that prevents me from returning to where I started. Even when I get on the waves with my surf kayak, I can return to my parking spot. Where I put in is where I need to take out.

Barryville base

Whitewater boaters leave a vehicle where they plan to end up, then drive upriver to their launch point. Two vehicles and drivers opens all kinds of possibilities. My only experience with this was years ago when I brought my sit-on-top surf kayak on a Lake George vacation with me.

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Harriman State Park Hike with Kids

It wasn’t really my intention to force my son’s friend to go hiking with us. My wife asked me the day before, since I had the week off, if I could pick him up and take him and my 11 year old swimming.

Silvermine ski area

I had plans to go do the loop hike around Silvermine Lake in Harriman State Park, but he was welcome to tag along if it was okay with his mom. It’s a kid-friendly hike.

After a few texts, he was in. I’d coached the kid in soccer a few years ago and know him better then most of my sons’ friends so I wasn’t worried about him not keeping up. My younger son is a notorious complainer so I hoped having his buddy along might inhibit him a little.

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