Mohawk: The Indy Tour Resumes

A couple years ago, I wrote something called “In Defense of Early Season.” The premise was that even though early season conditions aren’t perfect, skiing is better than not skiing. That concept was front of mind last weekend. It had been too long since I’d skied; I just had to get out.

Mohawk Mountain sunrise

I also wrote about “Skiing in the Rain” in the past but I wasn’t eager to do it again, so we settled on Sunday over Saturday. The warm, wet weather this month has stymied the early season plans of many local mountains. Greek Peak and Mohawk Mountain are both on the Indy Pass and open, so they were options. It didn’t make much difference, considering they would both feature limited terrain.

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Mohawk: Don’t Try This at Home

By one in the afternoon, we’d already ditched every layer we could and we were still pretty hot. We were having a great day and it wasn’t over yet. Even as the racers’ families were packing up their cars, we were headed back up the lift sans coats. By then it was close to sixty degrees.

It was a far cry from my first run of the morning. With my son sleeping soundly down in the parking lot and the temps still hovering around freezing, I’d ridden up one of Mohawk Mountain’s several triple chairs. It was my third visit to the cool little family hill in Connecticut, and I knew where I wanted to start, all the way over to skiers’ right.

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Mohawk Mountain Ski Area, CT

New snow is a gift, and I was certainly grateful for the most recent coastal storm that rolled through town. We’ve all heard the refrain that an inch in the yard is worth a million at the ski area, and six inches in the city was enough to get me into the car headed north.


This storm was actually an “off the coastal” and as we drove towards the hills, the amount of new snow diminished. Keeping with the recent NYSB trend of choosing snow quality over vert we found ourselves in northwestern Connecticut at Mohawk Mountain.

I had heard reports that Mohawk had been in the eye of the last storm, leaving a solid 6-8 and we thought it might have caught the tail end of this one as well, leaving only great skiing.

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