The Catskills: From the Outside Looking In

My home ski mountain, Hunter, has views of 10 or 11 of the 35 Catskill High Peaks from various locations around the ski area. The summit of Hunter Mountain proper (4,040’) is believed to be the Catskill location with views of more Catskill High Peaks than any other location. Needless to say, Hunter skiers enjoy great views of the Catskills from the inside, looking out. With this off-season photo essay, I’m trying to turn that perspective around, and show views of the Catskills from the outside, looking in.

Ellenville Vallye
Ellenville and the distant Catskills from the Shawangunk Mountains Scenic Byway (NY Rt 52)

Looking northwest from the overlook on Route 52 provides a great view of Ellenville and the valley separating the Shawangunks from the Catskills.

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Catskill Skiing: A Photo Essay

I’ve been skiing the Catskills my entire skiing life, starting in the 1970s. The Catskills are my home mountains for outdoor recreation. Over the past few seasons, I’ve taken up landscape photography while skiing. My hope is to share the beauty of Catskill skiing through these images.

Hunter snowmaking

Over the past 15 years, Hunter became my home mountain, hands down. Once known as the “Snowmaking Capital of the World”, Hunter still knows how to cover the mountain with good man-made snow. This early morning shot captures a typical winter scene at Hunter with the low sun trying to peek through the clouds, and the early-season guns blasting.

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