Gary Hinkley: 1937-2022

Gary Hinkley and Glen Plake Feb 3 2019
photo by John Tunis

ROXBURY NY Gary Allen Hinkley passed peacefully on Sunday, May 15, 2022 at the age of 84.

Born on Sept. 27, 1937, to Harold and Ethel Hinkley of Meeker Hollow NY, Gary was a lifelong resident of Roxbury. His love for his family and the town ran deep. In 1957, he married the love of his life, his favorite dance partner, Bonnie Price, on Easter Sunday.

Gary had a long career of building homes and commercial structures in the Catskills and Downeast Maine. In 1963 he built the original Roxbury Motel. The motel allowed him to share his love for Roxbury with everyone who came through the doors. Gary and Bonnie lived next door to the lodge.

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Plattekill: Back with the Tribe

I hadn’t been to Plattekill since the NYSkiBlog annual meeting in early January. A week after that great day, I joined a long list of skiers I know who’ve gotten hurt this season, and I was out for a month.

Plattekill Lodge

I wasn’t happy missing several weeks right in the heart of the season. I also felt I had let Plattekill down. When I first discovered this place, I knew I wanted to contribute. I kind of assigned myself the responsibility of telling the story.

The Catskills have had challenging weather this season and from what I had seen from a distance it looked mountain ops had done a solid job in spite of it all. I’ve seen several reports of good skiing at Plattekill this year.

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Plattekill: Key to the Strategy

It’s no secret, I’m getting old. To ease the transition, each year I try to mark the milestone by skiing something that makes me happy. Last year I had covid on my birthday and it broke my streak of over 10 years, where every birthday was a celebration. This year I was determined to get back on track.

What am I thinking?

The common denominator in my birthday success over the last decade has been my focus on Plattekill. While my Jan 8 birthday is relatively early in the season, somehow, each year I’ve had a great ski day. Over those years conditions have ranged from acceptable to incredible, and I admit it doesn’t hurt that I totally love the place.

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