Belleayre with a Few Friends

In the offseason, when I think about spring skiing, I recall sunny days, skiing soft snow, all day long. I remind myself that spring is wonderful and it’s also generally reliable. The snow has to melt sometime, and you know the skiing is going to be good at the end of the season.

Right? It’s not as simple as it sounds. When it’s actually spring, I find I’m juggling things nearly as much as I do to chase powder.

Will the weekend include a sunny day with temperatures above freezing? Can I get a weekday off? Is the mountain I want to ski still spinning midweek?

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Catskill Double: Birthday Surprise

Each year I find a way to make my birthday fun. I get a few days off work and drive north to the mountains looking for adventure. When I pull it off, for the moment, I can forget I’m a year older. There’s really only one rule for the trek: it has to include skiing Plattekill.

driving at night
Required element

For me, being born in early January was a blessing.

When I was a kid, it stunk having a birthday right after Christmas. Nobody was the mood to party. But now, there’s something I really want, that I can give myself, every year without fail. My present to myself is a solution to a problem: how can I avoid pondering the relentless march of time on the annual reminder of my birth? It’s simple, go skiing.

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Belleayre: Back on the Road

My wife and I have been dreaming about living in the mountains for a long time. This year we’ve starting to think more seriously about it, focusing on what it would take to make that happen. We’ve had land near Gore for over twenty years, and we want to build on it.

early morning drive

Looking at specifics of creating a house has me thinking about how our lives would change. There have been many reasons to keep things simple. These thoughts present complexity now, but in some ways, could help simplify the future. It could certainly simplify chasing snow.

Each year, when the first new snow is forecast, I find myself wondering if I will answer the call. Do I still have the desire?

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