Woods Valley: Any Given Sunday

On any given Sunday athletes suit up in the pursuit of the thrill. Some are found on the football field while others are at their local mountain. They shed their 9-5 attire to take a few laps and get a taste of freedom.

For New York skiers and riders that means getting our thrills where we can. It’s not always a tree skiing powder day, sometimes it is a spring park laps kind of day. Superbowl Sunday provided just those conditions, spring weather, in the middle of February. Woods Valley is home to an assortment of weekend warriors who go full send and make it to work on Monday.

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Woods Valley: Wednesday Night Lights

Skiers and boarders adapt to all kinds of change.  Conditions, weather and equipment are constantly in motion. In the flurry of change, there are also constants.


Our favorite mountains do not move, our favorite lifties still spin our favorite chairs, and we can count on our best partners to ride with us. Back at Woods Valley for the first time this season, it all felt right.

After work on Wednesday, I drove to Woods. When I pulled into the lot I noticed changes around the mountain. The new lodge is almost complete and was just starting to glow as the external lights turned on.

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Woods Valley: Ski Local, Be Local

This is the year of the season pass. We’ve seen the Indy pass steadily rack up new resorts, the SKI3 pass be the only guarantee for ORDA mountains, and the Epic pass shutter under travel restrictions. Then there is everyone in between, with passes to their home mountains.

Given the uncertainty of this year’s ski season, buying a local pass seemed like the only guarantee to ski or ride. For me it’s been a no brainer for years. I remember the days before I started purchasing season passes, the race against time to ski as much as possible in a day. These days my approach is much more relaxed, and just last week I logged five solid days at my local hill Woods Valley.

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