Greek Peak: Ontario Powder

I pointed it out before, the tail is now wagging the dog. My ski destination choices are now about more than proximity, snowfall and terrain.

There are now other questions to be addressed. Have I been to a ski area before or is it new to my list? When was the last time we featured the area on the front page? Can I find someone to ski with me?


Editorially for us, New York ski areas are best, VT a close second. My goal every season is to ski new NY areas. Especially prized are ski areas in Central and Western NY. In New York, I’ve never skied west of Greek Peak and I want to do it.

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Cazenovia Ski Club: Sign Me Up

Lift lines are all the rage these days, or maybe the cause of all the rage. I suppose that’s to be expected when the largest pass product is sold at a heavily discounted price. Still there are plenty of alternatives.

Cazenovia base lodge

New York is home to six Indy Pass mountains along with the plethora of other great independent resorts. There are also a handful of private ski clubs around the state and last weekend I managed to ride one.

The idea of no crowds on a Sunday was too good to pass up, so when Jeff invited me to Cazenovia Ski Club I jumped.

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Greek Peak: Soft Sunday

Greek Peak is a mountain I know well from my college days. I spent a lot of time on the slopes that might have been better spent going to class. But then if I had gone to class, maybe I wouldn’t be writing this piece. I’m always excited to get back to a place I know well.


With recent snow, Greek was sure to be in good condition. I called Alex and made plans to meet for first chair. He was ready to get some use out of his Indy Pass.

The trails off Lift 1A looked prime, so we took a few runs to warm up. High speed laps on the corduroy always get the blood flowing. Empty lift lines and new RFID gates meant we skied onto the lift most of the morning.

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