Superstar to South Bay

Once you say it, you have to do it. I’ve been talking one more at Killington for weeks now. Spring is a busy time with lots of things happening. When the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend opened up, my course was clear. On Thursday night I bought tickets online and started making plans with Junior.

Killington Memorial Day Weekend 2023

Once again, I have a vehicle suitable for camping, so driving up on Friday evening was a no brainer. We got on the road after work and joined the throngs of Memorial Day celebrants on the Thruway. It took a little bit longer than usual to get to Albany with the extra traffic but it wasn’t too bad. We got off in Latham to grab dinner at Ted’s Fish Fry and buy some beer and ice. It was close to eight when we reached Killington.

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The Killington World Cup 2022

Superstar was a pile of mud and muck two weeks before the races and that had the town, community and Killington Cup fans at large wondering if the event would even go down. Mother nature complied in the nick of time, transforming Superstar — at the base of the spanking new K1 Lodge — into a course worthy of some of the fastest female skiers on the planet.

Mikaela at the Killington World Cup 2022

With a healthy dose of cold Canadian air and a dedicated snow making crew and even a bit of lake effect, the event pushed the envelope as the skiers raced against the impending forecasts of rain for Sunday’s slalom event.

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Killington: Still Going in 2022

I really did think I was done for the year when I skied Gore on the first day of May. I guess the accounts I was seeing from skiers’ social media inspired me. The pictures of Killington’s Superstar were especially enticing.

view from parking lot

As much as I enjoy watching video of people climbing and skiing Tuckerman Ravine or stitching together sketchy lines on the remaining patches of snow at closed resorts, I don’t really have the time to squeeze that kind of trip into my schedule. I live too far south. With a little driving, Superstar is attainable. The Killington snowmakers really seemed to have outdone themselves this year: Superstar looked THICK.

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