Matt Joins NY Ski Blog

Matt is a photographer and adventurer from Queens, NY. He’s most comfortable on a remote high peak with his skis pointed over a cornice, imagining a snowy and trackless descent. He’s always loved skiing, but it was a visit to a remote, abandoned, high-altitude mining town in Colorado where he learned that traversing the winter world on skis is a great way to challenge yourself in the outdoors.

Cornices are hard to find near New York City, but Matt has discovered his own path in the outdoors that has resulted in the same feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. He’s found that photographing adventurers enjoying themselves outdoors can be as rewarding as accomplishing goals alone. While he loves to ski, Matt also enjoys the outdoors in all seasons, camping, hiking, surfing, paddling and watching baseball when the time is right.

Stay tuned for more of Matt’s adventures on NYSkiBlog.

Highpeaksdrifter joins NYSkiBlog

Hoyt's HighHighpeaksdrifter has joined NY Ski Blog as an author for the 2010/2011 season.

As our go-to guy for Whiteface and northern Adirondacks, Highpeaksdrifter will be checking in during the ski season with trip reports from his home hill, and news from ORDA headquarters in Lake Placid. After the snow melts, you’ll find him hiking, biking, or kayaking throughout the High Peaks. Chances are, you’ve read his informative and passionate posts on ski forums including AlpineZone and SkiADK, where he also moderated.

In addition to repping for Nordica, Highpeaksdrifter has also worked the past nine seasons as a mountain host at Whiteface. If you ask him to name his favorite trails there, he doesn’t hesitate. “Cloudspin’s my favorite. I love that there are so many different lines on that trail. I became a big fan of Hoyt’s High this last season and, of course, I love the Slides: the best slack-country skiing in the Northeast.”

Jamesdeluxe joins NY Ski Blog

jamesdeluxeJamesdeluxe has joined NYSkiBlog as an author. James began alpine skiing in his mid-30s following a move back to the northeast after, go figure, living five years in Colorado and four years in New Mexico. Because James puts a premium on the “vibe” of where he’s making his turns, he’s been known to pass over world-famous resorts in favor of smaller, under-the-radar ski areas. Since 2003, James has written for First Tracks Online, Snowjournal, and Alpine Zone.

James travels to the West or Europe to mix things up, but he’s an unapologetic champion of East Coast skiing and a perfect fit for NYSkiBlog. His avatar, above, was taken on Upper Parkway at Whiteface in mid-December 2009 after a 20-inch dump.