NY Ski Magazine: Vorarlberg, Austria

We’re already in mid-October — prime time for hatching destination trip plans for the coming season. It’s around this time that reports from the previous season come in handy, whether you’re hunting for new places to visit in the northeast, out west, or elsewhere.


From the elsewhere file comes a new magazine article from James, who, forum members may recall, went on what looked like a pretty sweet road trip through the Vorarlberg region along Austria’s western border.

He sent back a blur of photos and stories of big mountains, tons of snow, cute towns, delectable desserts, and most memorably — this pic of a smiling Austrian woman bringing glasses of schnaps in a set of deer antlers. If this doesn’t get your winter juices flowing, it might be time to buy a pair of white pants and move to Florida.

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NY Ski Magazine: Revelstoke Mountain Resort

The British Columbia Powder Highway has become a legendary destination for its big mountain terrain and snowpack that is reliable in normal seasons.

Revelstoke Mt Mackenzie

But with so many mountains towns and resorts scattered throughout this sparsely populated southeastern corner of BC, skiers are spoiled for choice. A mining and railroad town turned pilgrimage site for the Selkirk hardcore, Revelstoke Mt Mackenzie is one of the many plum spots to park one’s skis and boots for a few days. The town became even more attractive to long-distance visitors seven years ago when Revelstoke Mountain Resort opened, offering the highest lift-serviced vertical drop in North America.

At a leg-busting 5,620 feet from the top of the highest chair back to the base area, Revelstoke is a test of stamina even for diehard fitness enthusiasts. With a healthy mixture of Canadian tastes, scruffy ski town charm, and the kind of scenic mountains that make the “Beautiful British Columbia” license plate slogan live up to its name, Revelstoke should be a stop on any Powder Highway traveler’s list.

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Portes du Soleil, FR: More Than Just Massive

As someone who’s positioned himself as a fan of low-profile, off-the-beaten-path ski areas, I always feel a bit conflicted when visiting and writing about resorts that are big, popular, and for lack of a better descriptor “mainstream.”

Morzine at Dusk ©Gilles Lansard

That said, a cigar isn’t always a cigar and on a handful of visits to the Alps, I’ve been to several major ski regions that are not only big, popular, and armed with completely up-to-date infrastructure, but also charming, full of local color, and with a number of worthwhile bail-out options to avoid the hordes. The Portes du Soleil in the northern Alps qualifies as one of these.

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