Matt Joins NY Ski Blog

Matt is a photographer and adventurer from Queens, NY. He’s most comfortable on a remote high peak with his skis pointed over a cornice, imagining a snowy and trackless descent. He’s always loved skiing, but it was a visit to a remote, abandoned, high-altitude mining town in Colorado where he learned that traversing the winter world on skis is a great way to challenge yourself in the outdoors.

Cornices are hard to find near New York City, but Matt has discovered his own path in the outdoors that has resulted in the same feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. He’s found that photographing adventurers enjoying themselves outdoors can be as rewarding as accomplishing goals alone. While he loves to ski, Matt also enjoys the outdoors in all seasons, camping, hiking, surfing, paddling and watching baseball when the time is right.

Stay tuned for more of Matt’s adventures on NYSkiBlog.

3 comments on “Matt Joins NY Ski Blog

  1. Thanks, Harvey! If anyone ever wants to go skiing in NY, I have a bunch of mountains to cross of the list this year, so I’ll certainly be around. Here’s hoping 11-12 is going to be a deep one!

  2. I’m excited about the addition of Matt to our team. He’s a great skier, photog and story teller and he loves New York. Plus he’s got one thing some of us older guys don’t have – real flexibility to roam. Bring on the winter.

  3. Great to have Matt officially on the crew. Maybe he’ll be the one to post the first TR from Big Tupper?

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