Highpeaksdrifter joins NYSkiBlog

Hoyt's HighHighpeaksdrifter has joined NY Ski Blog as an author for the 2010/2011 season.

As our go-to guy for Whiteface and northern Adirondacks, Highpeaksdrifter will be checking in during the ski season with trip reports from his home hill, and news from ORDA headquarters in Lake Placid. After the snow melts, you’ll find him hiking, biking, or kayaking throughout the High Peaks. Chances are, you’ve read his informative and passionate posts on ski forums including AlpineZone and SkiADK, where he also moderated.

In addition to repping for Nordica, Highpeaksdrifter has also worked the past nine seasons as a mountain host at Whiteface. If you ask him to name his favorite trails there, he doesn’t hesitate. “Cloudspin’s my favorite. I love that there are so many different lines on that trail. I became a big fan of Hoyt’s High this last season and, of course, I love the Slides: the best slack-country skiing in the Northeast.”

10 comments on “Highpeaksdrifter joins NYSkiBlog

  1. I’m very excited to follow such a knowledgeable skier. I look forward to reading further posts.

  2. Thank you for joining, highpeaksdrifter. Now we can have more info on whiteface.

  3. Welcome HPD! I look forward to your glades beta, as I am still learning all of which WF has to offer. You are correct in you statement that the slides are, by far, the best extreme slackcountry that the East has to offer.

    Pray for snow for 2011!

  4. Welcome to the team, HPD. None of us get up to Whiteface enough. To show you what a Gore homer Harvey is — and with his season pass that’s good at both mountains, he’s got no excuse — I’m pretty sure this was his last visit there.

    Meanwhile, I’m always waiting for the perfect forecast, but only got one when I had committed two months in advance.

    In any case, looking forward to your posts.

  5. Harv got in some early season turns at WF last winter, but I’ll give Harv credit where credit is due (begrudgingly)… In any case Harv’s got me beat as my last visit to WF was in Feb ’08. Looking forward to more from up north!

  6. I’d understand if you actually had to pony up money to ski Whiteface, but it’s covered in your pass! WF can be a tempermental mountain conditions-wise, but you guys are relatively close by and could cherry pick good days.

  7. Thanks for the welcome guys. I’m the opposite of most of you in that I never seem to make it to Gore much. When Gore has the goods and all their liftlines are open the place is a blast.

    I’m packing and heading up to Wilmington soon for the long weekend. Nothing like summer in the ADKs.

  8. There’s no question that I need to get to Whiteface more. For me, the best time to hit Whiteface is before Christmas and after Presidents Week … working around my daughter’s Mountain Adventure program at Gore. I’m desperate to get my first shot at the slides. Welcome HPD, and enjoy the holiday in the High Peaks.

  9. Thanks Aaron, that was a good time.

    In case you didn’t know Aaron Kellett, is the Operations Manager at WF. I think word about nyskiblog is getting around. BTW, Aaron is doing a great job and is a fantastic skier.

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