Hunter, the Hard Way

“Is this the way to Hunter Mountain?”

Here we f’n go, I thought. We were on the Spruceton Trail, a jeep road leading to Hunter’s summit and fire tower from the west. One of the biggest trails in the Catskills, it’s a veritable highway. How could you not know where you were.


Biting my tongue, I replied, “It’s a mile or so up… do you have a map?”

He pulled a crumpled piece of paper out of his pocket and unfolded it. Definitely not a NY-NJ Trail Conference map. But it was something.

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Hunter North: Christmas Comes Early

NYSkiBlog has covered Hunter Mountain since 2009, publishing over 40 pieces in that time. But I really haven’t done my part. My last piece was a tribute to the late great Orville Slutzky back in April of 2013.

Hunter North entrance
The Road to North

It’s been too long. This year — with Peak pulling off the largest terrain expansion in New York in over a decade — I hoped to get back to experience the highly anticipated opening of Hunter North.

Management had announced at the end of last week that the day would be December 24th. I was certainly “available” on Christmas Eve, but negotiation was required to get the go-ahead to be late for planned holiday festivities with family.

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Hunter Mountain Bump Contest 2018

When I saw the promo for a bump competition in the Catskills — Hunter’s Bud Light Bumps and BBQ — I made my plans. The sun was shining, the beer was flowing and there were smiles all around Saturday at Hunter Mountain.

For the record, my fifty-plus bones said no but my 22 year-old brain was all in. I arrived early and booted up. On my way through the parking lot I ran into Dave Reddick and Porter Fox from Powder Magazine, who are doing a feature on the Catskills. We warmed up with some photos and a quick slackcountry tour with Daniel from Hunter and Jaime from the Brunnette Wine Bar in Kingston. The snow was as manky as my telemark turns, but it was a good warmup for the competition.

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