Garnet Hill Lodge Ski Center, NY

Garnet Hill and I go way back. In 1988, I did some of my first “downhill skiing” on some very skinny skis on the hill.  On my very first run in the Adirondacks, I skied down from the Lodge to the Ski Shop on “The Cut Off Trail” — a short and fairly steep run with a 90 degree left hand turn at the bottom of the steepest part.

View from Garnet Hill Lodge

The hill had just been through a thaw/freeze cycle and it was actually pretty sporty. Yes it’s true — I crashed in the first corner and thought… “this is going to be a long day.”

It snowed overnight and conditions really improved. In fact on each of my first trips to Garnet Hill conditions were excellent. At the time I had no idea how special it was to score new snow on trips planned weeks in advance.

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Garnet Hill, NY: 12/19/08

I looked at the radar this morning and decided a 9am departure would be significantly easier than my usual 2pm vanishing act. Most of our staff was either coming in late or working from home anyway, due to the weather. I had a meeting that I postponed and one that I moved up. I was out of there by 9:30.

Driving in a Snowstorm

It was sleeting LOUD in the flatlands, calm and dry in the Lower Hudson Valley and snowing north of Albany. As I got to Glens Falls it was borderline blizzard. By the time I got to the Hudson in North River it was still snowing hard. This was on the porch since last Sunday, some from Wednesday, some from today:

Snow on Porch

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