Gore Mountain Topography

I hear a lot about the flat spots at Gore — like it or not, they’re part of the Gore Brand. In the beginning during the ride up and slide down days, heels were free and trails like Rabbit Pond followed rolling terrain going both up and down. Nobody seemed to mind the exercise.

Gore Mountain 1965
Gore Mountain 1965

But during the early period of lift served skiing on Bear Mountain, in the mid-sixties, there were no flat spots. The East and the North Sides functioned nicely as a mountain with higher elevations, more vertical and more terrain than the Ski Bowl.

In the late sixties, the funds became available to develop the true summit of Gore. Some of the very best terrain at Gore Mountain was added under the Straightbrook and Summit Chairs. Hawkeye, Chatiemac, Headwaters, Lower Steilhang and Hullabaloo put true expert terrain onto the trail map. At that time there was only one way to get down to the base, without adding yet another lift. “Cloud” was born.

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North Creek Ski Bowl, NY: 2/27/11

The North Creek Ski Bowl is an important part of the history of skiing in New York. On that spot, in 1935, Carl Shaefer installed the state’s first rope tow. North Creek’s first lift-served ski area was the final destination of the snow trains that ran until World War II.

North Creek Ski Bowl

But the small mountain is more than an historical treasure. It’s home to some great tree skiing. Please take a look at a trip report complete with Ski Bowl photos.

The Gore Mountain Interconnect Opens

Saturday was the grand re-opening of the Little Gore Ski Bowl. The ski area was the destination of the ski trains in the 1930s and operated until the mid-1970s.

gore mountain interconnect

Along with the rebirth of Hickory and Big Tupper, the Little Gore Ski Bowl is a third historically important New York ski hill that has come back to life over the last couple of years. In addition, Saturday represented another step forward in the long term plan to connect Gore and the town of North Creek.

This morning’s “ribbon cutting” for the opening of the Gore Ski Bowl — scheduled for 10:30 — seemed like a chance to stand around and commemorate, when there was skiing to be done. We wanted to do something special on the occasion of the official opening of the link between Gore Mountain and the historic Little Gore Ski Bowl.

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