Hunter North: Christmas Comes Early

NYSkiBlog has covered Hunter Mountain since 2009, publishing over 40 pieces in that time. But I really haven’t done my part. My last piece was a tribute to the late great Orville Slutzky back in April of 2013.

Hunter North entrance
The Road to North

It’s been too long. This year — with Peak pulling off the largest terrain expansion in New York in over a decade — I hoped to get back to experience the highly anticipated opening of Hunter North.

Management had announced at the end of last week that the day would be December 24th. I was certainly “available” on Christmas Eve, but negotiation was required to get the go-ahead to be late for planned holiday festivities with family.

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Interview with Scott Brandi of I SKI NY

NYSkiBlog has long advocated for a public and private partnership to invest in the infrastructure New York skiing will need to stay competitive now and in the future. This summer the players came together with a significant package for financing snowmaking efficiency improvements across the state. Scott Brandi — the President of I SKI NY — was a driving force on the project and we asked him for details.

NYSkiBlog: Scott, where are you from originally? How long have you been skiing? Where did you learn to ski? How many ski days do you get in an average year?

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Whiteface Upgrades Proposed to the APA

Whiteface mapAt the first meeting of the year of the Adirondack Protection Agency (APA) today in Ray Brook, NY, Whiteface proposed a slate of new mountain initiatives as part of the Unit Management Plan amendment process.

These initiatives are part of a long term plan that includes lift replacement, reconfiguration and rerouting, new trail expansion and existing trail widening to improve connectivity and skier flow, the use of an existing building as a warming lodge and parking lot expansion.

The purpose of this part of the process is to gain comments and input before the mountain seeks final approval. What follows is a summary of the highlights of the proposed new projects that were presented at the meeting today.

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