The Joy of Skiing Families

One of the things I love about skiing is that generations can ski together. Grandparents can ski with their grandchildren. At least that’s how it worked in our family. This season I spent a weekend at Stratton skiing with 14 family members from three generations. It’s something I won’t forget.

Skiing Family

We’re a skiing family because of my Dad. He was a great athlete who grew up in Worcester, Massachusetts.

He started skiing in his late teens influenced by new rabbi at his temple. Rabbi Alexander Schindler learned to ski as a highly decorated member of the famous 10th Mountain Division that fought in Italy during the second world war.

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Hunter’s Pond Skimming Beach Bash

I like spring skiing best of all. We get to strip off the layers, the sun is high in the sky, and the hard conditions of the winter transform to soft easy skiing. After a decent season for snow and snow making, Hunter was looking really good for the weekend.

Hunter Mountain pond skimming

Saturday was Hunter’s Beach Bash and Pond Skimming Costume Contest. The sun was shining and there were blue skies, but with temps in the high teens and a 25mph wind, Hunter was in midwinter form. When I arrived, there was a thin layer of ice on top of the skimming pond.

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Gore Mountain, NY: 3/28/10

This morning started partly cloudy and 18 degrees. The sun was flashing in and out until about 10am, and then the clouds moved in.

Our first 4 runs were on Gore’s famed Front 4 – Twister, Showcase, Sleighride, and Quicksilver. They were midwinter groomed with some sweet corduroy. Skiing was fast and empty. There was a huge uphill wind on all sides of Gore. I hit Chatiemac and it was still all cord.

Next stop the Darkside. Lower Stielhang, Hullabaloo, and Lower Darby were in excellent shape and had not been skied off. The bottom of the High Peaks Chair was one of the few places on the hill where the wind was quiet.

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