Bode Miller Wins the Downhill at Beaver Creek

Advertisers spend a lot of time trying to fuse the words “effortless” and “skiing.” Flip to an ad for Beaver Creek in Ski Magazine and you’ll probably find a pampered skier making silky turns across a canvas of untracked corduroy. Just like a professional dancer, he or she has probably trained for years to produce a smooth performance.

Bode Miller photo by Eric Schramm

Enter Bode Miller. He may be popular with the ladies, but his skiing is anything but smooth. Just listen to the yelling in the start house as Miller prepares to throw his body through every turn in the course ahead. The finesse is there, but he’s not afraid to look like he’s trying.

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Whiteface Mtn, NY: 12/3/11

Nothing relieves a student’s procrastination-induced stress like skiing. Sure, I have piles of papers and presentations due this week, but what skier can survive in the library when the sun is rising at Whiteface and the mountain is open?

Early morning at Whiteface Mountain

In the winter at St. Lawrence University, we pile into the Outing Club’s signature white van every Saturday morning and bid our studies and troubles farewell. Today was our first excursion of the academic year, and we certainly made the most of it.

I’ll admit to being nervous during the drive to the mountain. There was barely a trace of snow anywhere along the way. But when I rounded the turn by High Falls Gorge on Route 86, I knew I hadn’t sacrificed my studies in vain. There it was in all its glory: the peak, the lifts, the slides. All coated with just enough snow to tease the imagination.

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Big Tupper Pre-Season Tour

It was an exciting Halloween weekend for a few lucky New York skiers. I didn’t share in the early pow slashing in the Catskills, but I did get a healthy dose of preseason stoke a little further north. I spent a day exploring Big Tupper with lift ops manager Cliff Levers.

Driving through the town of Tupper Lake in the morning, I saw the mountain in the distance, across the lake. Like a tourist, I pulled over to the side of the road to take a picture — the slopes glistened with a fresh dusting of October snow.

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