Lake Effect Opens Snow Ridge

On Wednesday I was in class at Saint Lawrence when my professor mentioned that his wife was driving up Interstate 81 on her way to Canton. He was concerned about the heavy snow in the area.

untouched powder at Snow Ridge

I thought back to reports from last year and my focus drifted away from literature towards skiing at Snow Ridge.

Back in my room after class, I poured over the NOAA forecasts and snowfall predictions for the evening and the checked  snow reports on the Snow Ridge website.

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Return to the SLU Snow Bowl

Just south of South Colton, New York, where Route 56 weaves through a little ravine, there was a one-way bridge with a stop light. As a student at St. Lawrence University, I’ve probably spent a full hour of my life waiting at that light on trips to Big Tupper or Gore or home to Saratoga Springs.

SLU Snow Bowl
Photo courtesy of Terkoskier at Blood, Sweat and Skiers

I first noticed the Snow Bowl during my Freshman year. Behind the brook on the west side of the road, I noted potential. There are a few clearings down the fall line of a fairly steep, small mountain.

By the end of that year, I had heard all the stories. That was the SLU Snow Bowl, only closed and sold to the state in the last ten years. It had been home to a couple of rope tows, a snack bar, and some of the most raging college parties in history.

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Mad River Glen’s New Terrain Parks

Browsing Facebook a few weeks ago, I came across a photo posted by Mad River Glen. The image, of the loading area of the Sunnyside Double chair, bore the caption “Notice anything new?” I didn’t. Then I saw the sign: “This lift services terrain park features.”

Building the Mad River Glen Terrain Park.

I admit I was a bit surprised that one of the Northeast’s most prized natural playgrounds would be adding man-made features, considering the old-school atmosphere associated with Mad River. I spoke with Eric Friedman, Director of Marketing and Shareholder Relations, to find out more about the new park setup.

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