Desperate for a Different Kind of Stoke

We’re all aware that the world is in crisis. We’re battling a virus with the potential to infect millions of people worldwide. A coordinated global effort is needed to fight back.

But we can also act as individuals in ways that can make a real difference.

Matthew Bramble, founder of the Northeast Skiology Group, has come up with an idea to 3D print cheap and effective shields that can help protect the doctors, nurses and respiratory therapists who are so vulnerable. This defense is a crucial weapon in the fight of their lives. You can help.

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Harvey’s 2020 Season Wrap

Clearly life is different now. But still, I can’t shake the feeling that it’s too soon for snow to disappear from our front page; it’s still March for goodness sake. There’s certainly some snow in the mountains, but we’ve made the decision not to post current content. This was my decision alone, at this moment I’m not comfortable sharing stories that might encourage people to ski.

Hunter Highlands

The situation is a conundrum for NYSkiBlog. Part of our mission is to generate stoke and get skiers excited to get out there. One solution was to ask our writers to present more reflective themes including their best pictures. I’m going to share my own impressions of 2019-2020, a season cut short.

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Plattekill: Runnin’ Down the Dream

It’s easier for me to get away to ski on Sundays. Saturday I get things done and on Sunday I ski. I’d rather ski all weekend, but when I can’t, getting in that one day, helps me move toward my goal of 35 days on snow.

We’re into the part of the season where the skiing is better if it’s warm. The forecast for Plattekill for Sunday was sunny and in the mid 40s. I assembled furniture and ran my errands on Saturday. After dinner, I watched a video with my girls, packed up my ski gear and crashed.

Even on spring days, when it really makes no sense, I arrive early. I set my alarm to allow me time to rise, get dressed and make coffee, before heading north. If I average the speed limit, I’ll arrive before opening with a comfortable buffer.

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