Plattekill: Runnin’ Down the Dream

It’s easier for me to get away to ski on Sundays. Saturday I get things done and on Sunday I ski. I’d rather ski all weekend, but when I can’t, getting in that one day, helps me move toward my goal of 35 days on snow.

We’re into the part of the season where the skiing is better if it’s warm. The forecast for Plattekill for Sunday was sunny and in the mid 40s. I assembled furniture and ran my errands on Saturday. After dinner, I watched a video with my girls, packed up my ski gear and crashed.

Even on spring days, when it really makes no sense, I arrive early. I set my alarm to allow me time to rise, get dressed and make coffee, before heading north. If I average the speed limit, I’ll arrive before opening with a comfortable buffer.

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The Battle of Saratoga

My alarm goes off Saturday morning at zero dark thirty. It’s the day of the New York State Ski Racing Association (NYSSRA) Championships distance race. The Battle of Saratoga will be re-enacted at the Saratoga Biathlon Club, on the shores of the Great Sacandaga Lake.

Pre-race photo by Tom Moffett

For a change, I was prepared for early departure. The ski prep was straightforward. I’d made a breakfast and a lunch the day before. All I had to do was get dressed, shave, slurp coffee and make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything. You haven’t lived ’til you’ve driven 260 miles and realized you left your ski boots at home.

Peru Nordic teammate Stan arrived from Philadelphia around 5 AM. Within 15 minutes, we were headed towards super slab.

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Snow Ridge: Full Send Plateau

This past weekend may well have been the best of the season in the east. A storm that dropped 8-12 inches across most of the region, favored Stowe, Whiteface and Snow Ridge on Tug Hill with significantly more than that. Evan and I had the same thought: first chair at Snow Ridge on Saturday.

Friday, I took the afternoon off to ski McCauley, a taste of what was to come. After close that day, the lake effect band settled over Turin NY. Overnight another 6-8 inches fell, bringing the storm total for Snow Ridge to 29 inches.

One thing I was pretty sure of, it would be more work for us to grab first chair at Stowe or Whiteface on Saturday. At Snow Ridge it’s pretty easy. We arrived 45 minutes before opening, and parked next to the three other cars that were there.


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