The Ski Season in Photos #1

The 2012-13 season started on a bittersweet note when Hurricane Sandy delivered three feet of snow in the mountains of West Virginia on the backside of a storm that devastated coastal areas New York and New Jersey.


Often with early and epic snow the jones is high, and the hardcore will travel long distances to get after it. This storm was no exception and several skiers from the NYSB and TGR communities drove hundred of miles south to ski the snow.

MadPat, mattchuck2, ml242, Moeghoul and others headed for Timberline, Canaan Valley and White Grass, which were in the bullseye for snow.

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Gettin’ in the Wood

I like to mark annual milestones. One of my favorite benchmarks each year comes at the end of April. After the lifts close and before the bugs come out, I drive to our place in the Adirondacks, to perform an annual ritual: gettin’ in the wood for winter.


Almost invariably when I pass Gore on the way up, there are turns to be had. Also invariably I’m not distracted from the mission: to finish the weekend with one stacked and covered cord.

My job is really watered-down compared to any local’s true version of gettin’ in the wood. Our wood consumption is modest and our supply is often supplemented by deadfall from the winter.

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Belleayre, Skiing and Growth in The Catskills

In April of this year the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) unveiled the most recent unit management plan (UMP) for Belleayre Ski Center. It included a recommendation for $74M in upgrades over the next several years. At the same time they released a revision of the environmental impact statement (EIS) for the Belleayre Resort development.

Belleayre Ski Center and Belleayre Resort
Belleayre Expansion • image courtesy Crossroads Ventures

The UMP for the Belleayre Ski Center calls for the construction of three new lifts, refurbishing two others, cutting 16 new ski trails (primarily at Highmount) and upgrading the ski center’s snowmaking infrastructure.  The plan also includes a new lodge, expansion of both the Discovery and Sunset Lodges and several parking lots.

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