Getting Your 3 Year Old Skiing

One of the questions I get asked the most is how and when to start a young child skiing. The answer requires some parental intuition. Does your child enjoy playing outside in the snow? How do your child respond to people he or she doesn’t know? At Whiteface, where I teach, children must be four years old to participate in a group lesson environment like our Play and Ski program. Younger kids learn best one-on-one.

skiing with a three year old

The choice between using a ski instructor for private lessons and teaching your child yourself depends on several factors. How comfortable are you skiing in a wedge with your child? Children learn by watching. Young kids may not be comfortable with anyone other than a parent, so that may limit your options. Trying to teach a young child to ski while snowboarding simply doesn’t work. Be honest with yourself about your patience, temperament, and experience to pull it off.

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NY Ski Magazine: The Road to Alta, UT

Last season, we posted an interview with Bob Peters, which told the story of an Iowan who moved to Jackson Hole in the mid-1970s and witnessed that mountain’s transformation into a world-renown resort.

Marc Guido at Powder Mountain, UT
Marc Guido at Powder Mountain, UT

To kick off the new year, here’s another inspirational tale of a skier who found his promised land. Seven years ago, Marc Guido relocated from the northeast to Salt Lake City, where he routinely scores more powder days in one season than many of us get in a decade.

Lest you launch into a “some-guys-have-all-the-luck” rant, don’t think that he didn’t pay his dues. Before moving to the Wasatch Front, Guido developed the first full-service online skiing magazine while being based at several less advantageous locations, including Boston, Albany NY, and most improbably, eight long years on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

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The Dark Side Opens at Gore Mountain

Our plans for Saturday night B+B stay in the Catskills went south Friday morning when both my wife and daughter woke up with colds. With my two ski days at Plattekill put on hold, I called an audible, and left work for the Adirondacks at 2pm.

Pine Knot

When I arrived in the mountains, I heard reports of good conditions at both Whiteface and Gore. I haven’t been to Whiteface this season, and it seemed like a logical choice for Saturday. But a call from a valued ski partner convinced me to ski my “home mountain.” Temps were going to be warm enough to ensure good skiing on primarily manmade snow. And the trail report called for the opening of the Dark Side.

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