Mount Peter, NY: 1/21/12

Everyone knows that being a skier based in the tri-state area is not for the weak of heart. To get to any high-profile mountain — either in New York or in New England — you’re looking at a lot of time on the interstates. But on the plus side, if you’re the parent of a young skier who doesn’t need thousands of uninterrupted vertical feet, there are quite a few ski areas that fit the bill and are only a short drive away.

Mount Peter NY

This morning, the first measurable snow to hit our region since the day before Halloween got me motivated to check out a classic downstate family ski hill: Mount Peter in Warwick, NY. Mount Peter has three chairlifts to cover its 400 vertical feet, so even though there was a good crowd today, we never waited in a lift line.

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Is the Subaru Outback the Ultimate Ski Car?

We’ve been thinking about replacing our 2006 Honda CRV. While I have always been a “drive it into the ground” kind of guy, our last two mountain cars, both CRVs, have shown more rust than I’d like after six years. Both cars looked fine, but upon close inspection, it was evident that to get value on the trade-in, it was time to sell.

ski vehicle
2012 Subaru Outback 2.5i

After owning six consecutive Hondas, we’ve been considering switching to a Subaru Outback. While I’m not a fan of the styling, the Outback would fit our need for a high-mileage highway car, with the traction to negotiate our steep driveway, and a state-of-the-art automatic transmission to make Sunday night traffic more tolerable.

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It Finally Snowed in New York

When we arrived last night, the first thing I did was shovel the porch — it’s our record of what’s fallen since our last visit — so shoveling is a job I relish. The harder the effort the better.

Snow in New York.

This week’s haul was seven inches of snow, an inch of sneet, topped with another three inches of snow. It wasn’t the 18 inches of upslope blower that Vermont got, but it was perfect base-building snow for tree skiing, or any snow sport.

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