Gore Mountain Snowmaking Upgrades (2011)

Mike Pratt upgrades Gore Mountain snowmakingOver the last ten years, Gore Mountain has had more terrain expansion than any mountain in New York. At the same time, the Gore snowmaking has made significant strides — increasing water supply, pumping capacity and snow-gun efficiency. We spoke to Mike Pratt, General Manager at Gore and asked him about this summer’s plans for snowmaking improvements.

NYSkiBlog: You’ve made incremental progress on snowmaking over the past several summers. What’s going on this year?

Mike Pratt: We’re undertaking our most significant snowmaking upgrade since we tapped into the Hudson River in 1996. We’re buying and installing 130 new fixed location HKD Impulse Tower Guns.

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The Mountains Less Traveled: Solitude, UT

While Alta and Snowbird deservedly get most of the attention from Salt Lake City locals and visitors alike, I’ve always been a fan of the Cottonwood Canyons’ darkhorse ski area: the aptly-named Solitude.

Solitude Ut

Detractors complain about the mountain’s goofy topography and inefficient lift system, but lots of snow, elbow room, and varied terrain always work for me. Guest author Bryan Luftglass takes us on a tour of his home away from home:

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Solitude, UT: Channeling the Wasatch

Friday Fantasy Photo #25

Slide Skiing • Adirondack Backcountry • April 8, 2011

“An April storm inside the Blue Line yielded close to a foot of new snow. With a five foot base, we scored great powder turns on north facing slopes all morning long. Later the warm spring sun yielded a creamy afternoon descent…” —skimore