The Mountains Less Traveled: Monarch, CO

Last week, we launched NY Ski Magazine with an exclusive article about Quebec’s Eastern Townships. This week, we’ve teed up a previously unpublished feature from Jamesdeluxe, about a ski area in Colorado that sounds intriguing: Monarch Mountain.

When I think of lift-served ski mountains in Colorado, the places that come to mind are big resorts with high-speed quads, real estate projects, and slopeside everything, but based on this article, Monarch would be right up our alley.

Monarch Mountain, CO: A Rough-Cut Gem

First Turns of the 2010 Season at Whiteface

tBatt: Mr. October


“We arrived at the booth for the Toll Road at about 10:15. There were 10 other cars parked along the road, and the snow depth was about 5-7 inches. The feeling at the base was electric. I was excited to be on snow, excited to have skis on my feet, and excited to know that I’d be sliding down hill in a matter of hours. We put on our packs, I strapped up my skins, and we hit the trail…”

North Creek Depot Museum

I recently had a chance to tour the North Creek Depot Museum on Railroad Place. I ran into Michelle San Antonio — director of the museum — at the Farmers Market Organic Brunch, and she graciously agreed to fit me into her schedule.

Old wooden skis at the North Creek Depot Museum

I was especially interested in the new exhibit that focuses on the history of the snow trains and the development of skiing at Gore Mountain. I’m fascinated by the 1930s and 1940s when lift assisted skiing was born.

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