Gore Mountain, NY: 1/24/10

For a variety of (planned) reasons we got to the mountain much later than usual. About 8:30. Just one thing about parking. I made good on my promise to Emily to try the drop off routine. It really isn’t a bad solution, if you’ve got two adults.

Skiing today was really really good. Neve’s lesson was at 10 instead of 8:30 as usual. Zelda hung out with Neve, and I boarded the Gondi at about 8:55.

I never really got up top yesterday. A report from AdkSara in the Ski Adk forum said that Lies was one of the best things on Saturday, so that was my destination. First I came down Uncas. It was firm, but carvy.

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Gore Mountain, NY: The Debut of Sagamore

Today was an absolutely beautiful day, by any objective standard. Cold overnight, warming to 25 during the day. Not a cloud in the sky. Soft manmade snow all around, good coverage on almost all of the trails.

The big news at Gore today was the 2010 debut of Sagamore — the long, steep, liftline run that was added to the trail map last year. It’s a mile, with 1400 feet of vertical, and it’s serviced by a deluxe quad that takes less than nine minutes to deliver you to the top. More on that later.

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Belleayre Mtn, NY: 1/23/10

With Jason e-mailing all sorts of gloom and doom prognostications for our upcoming NCP event (he seems to LOVE to convey bad meteorological news), I felt that I should get in one more trip before our day of reckoning arrived. So up I went to the Catskills, which are still in the same weather mode as the last time I was there one week ago: dry, sunny, seasonal temperatures.

Belleayre got five inches on Monday, but it didn’t do much to improve things — any trails that hadn’t been snow-gunned recently were hard and fast. It was especially disappointing to head down Cathedral Brook, which was so beautiful last Saturday, and find that the snow had stiffened considerably. But on the positive side, Belleayre Run was in perfect shape and the bumps on Upper Seneca were soft and succulent.

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