Gore Mtn, NY: 12/21/08

It never really totally stopped snowing last night. Ultralight flurries fell overnight adding up to maybe an inch. I was up about 5am. At 6:30 the wind picked up and it started to snow. It was about 5 degrees when I headed toward the mountain at 7:30. In the parking lot everyone was expecting snow:

In the time it took me to walk from the parking lot to the lodge…it started to dump bigtime. And it dumped pretty much all day:

I went in and got my gear on. It was about 8:10, and I was yammerin on about something to some poor soul. The Gondi light went green, I excused myself and got my self into a cabin.

Over to Foxlair hoping to “bomb the gap” to Showcase. Surprising with all the new snow, I did it with speed to spare. Nice surface on the way down….groomed with a few inches on top.

Next Gondi to the top, summit ropes were down. Pine Knot and into Pine Brook. Pine Brook was the only spotty coverage I saw all day. It had been hit hard yesterday. Scratch.

Up the Straightbrook…workin em in order. Upper Chati to the Straightbrook Glades. Sweet…first tracks:

Then…Hawkeye to Chatiemac to the Chatiemac Glades. Not first in… but very nice:

Then Upper Chat to Lower Hawkeye to Double Barrel Junior. This is one of my favorites for pitch, bump configuration and snow quality. And it can really take a pounding and still ski well:

Back up to the top, skated over to the Dark Side and ran into Steve C and his crew. They were pondering taking the plunge down to the North Chair. Together we hit Hullabaloo. As it has been for a week…good coverage except for the headwall. Let’s see…how can I put this delicately…I did a somersault over the edge and came up completely ok.

We bombed Wood Out and didn’t really have to work to hard to get down to the North Chair. Back up and into the Tahawas Glades. I couldn’t get a shot of Steve -he didn’t have time for a photo shoot. I did get this guy meadow skipping his way down:

Steve’s crew really wanted to see the new BRQ terrain…and I was content enough to do multiple laps on Tahawas. It was really perfect for tele in there. If anyone was doing telelaps in Tahawas today, I’d love to hear from you. Best conditions I’ve seen in there in a while.

Took a break in the saddle to defrost and have some cocoa. I knew I hadn’t done Echo yet and tomorrow is going to be a short day…so I figured, I’d better do it now…and end up back at the summit at days end.  Hopefully the ongoing snow would continue to pile up.

My plan was to hit Echo, so I could say I did it, and to see what it was like. It certainly looks interesting from below. But as I was flying over the top of Sagamore in the BR Quad, I had to do a run on it.

It was a good decision. Conditions were great. It was dumping, there was no wind and really no people. I didn’t see any thin cover.

Sagamore is really unlike any other trail at Gore. It goes on and on….reminding me more of Whiteface than Gore. I’m starting to think that the new pod is going to be a great addition to the mountain.

Me and this guy had it all to ourselves:

Next lap was going to be my Echo. I came zooming around the corner and it looked like a death march. I sidestepped back up to the top and took Hedges back into the trees and up the North Chair.

Down to the Gondi…the place was really empty now. I had a cabin all to myself:

Down Pine Knot…back to the summit for greatest hits…Straightbrook, Chatiemac, Double Barrel Junior… down Tannery …up Topridge. I made a break for Twister hoping I could get to the Glade before Skipat shut it down. At 3:45… it was still open. Probably due more to limited patrol manpower than anything else.

Picks of the Day had to be my first tracks in Straightbrook, Sagamore, Tahawas Glades and Twister Glades. Twister Glades were surprisingly good:

Actually it was all pretty sweet. Back to the car…here’s what fell…

I’ll go with the 12 inches Gore posted and add it to the MegaTotal. Anyone skiing tomorrow? I am. Better get while the gettin is good.

Gore Mountain, NY: 12/20/08

Today was a top 10 day. Fantastic. Real powder tree skiing doesn’t happen every week at Gore. No surprise to me… I couldn’t sleep last night. When it’s dumping, I just keep waking up to look out the window. I crashed about midnight and final got out of bed around 4:30.

Conservatively we got 14″ overnight and another inch today. The snow that fell after midnight last night…maybe the last 5 inches was total blower. It snowed lightly all day, even when the sun was out.

It was 10 degrees when I started the car and headed to the mountain. My new plow guy was nowhere to be found, last night or today before I left for the mountain. No problem really I put the car at the top of the hill, and blasted my way down.

The plan was to meet Adk Keith at the Gondi’s opening. Plans were left loose for a possible meeting with PDQ and her friend Amy. Almost hour early, I pulled up into the parking lot and parked right up front. I see a Subie with a woman in a yellow coat herding some doggies. I introduced myself to Powderqueen. We got on the second or third Gondi and went to the top. With the summit roped off we hit Showcase.

Next time up a crowd had gathered at the summit rope…and down it went. As 50 skiers pounded Pine Knot, we hit Uncas which was being ignored for some unknown reason. After controlling my glee, and with a little encouragement, I did conserve some untracked for those who followed. Down to the Straightbrook Chair, Up to Chatiemac into the Glades. It was deluxe. Being in the trees, driving forward, straight down the fall line, without a care in the world. It was a total blast.

We got first tracks on both the Chatiemac Glade and Mineshaft. We did Red Dog and it was great — everything was open.


We met Amy at the saddle for a break. When we headed back out we hit Tahawas trees…and we rode the North Chair with Amy. We never got to the Dark Side. We did make our way over to Burnt Ridge. From the Saddle…Twister, Twister Glades, Echo to Gully and down (over?) to the lift. It is flat. I walked it in the summer and thought it had some pitch but I guess I really misjudged it. When conditions are normal Eastern fast….it will be fine but today it was a trudge.

Sagamore — the black trail on Burnt Ridge — is epic, long with some nice pitch. It’s like Showcase on steroids with huge steps down, maybe four of them. It was big fluffy cut up bumps. We got to the top again and ran into Jeff the Skipatrol. He’s the guy who gave me a permit to hit Tahawas last weekend. He told us that the coverage in the Cirque glade was thin and there were “rivers” to cross, but we gotta go for the view.

In we went. It is beautiful. I took a few pics, but you really need a wide angle to get it. We did get our skis wet in the crossings and had to take a break to scrape the ice off everything. Down to the bottom and we called it a day around 1:30. There is more powder to slay tomorrow. One of my best days in a long time.

How Often Do You See This?

How often do you see this all in one forecast:

Winter Storm Warning

What I like is the Winter Storm Warning and the Winter Storm Watch together in the same forecast.

Technically you can’t have both at once, UNLESS they are for TWO DIFFERENT STORMS. Which is the case. Bring it.