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Win Tickets to the Warren Miller Film 2014

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Warren Miller 2014: No Turning Back

It’s not just a film, it’s an experience. Sixty-five years in the making, No Turning Back carries forward a legacy that dates back the time before skis had edges and mountains had condos.

Just follow the instructions to subscribe to NYSkiBlog and be entered into a drawing for two tickets to the show.  Get in on the good times and go home with a handful of great ski swag.

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The Last Road Trip

The past weighed heavily on my mind as I set out for Boston on the last road trip of the summer season. As a damn Yankee, the patriot state has always felt a bit like enemy territory.


On route I was to meet some local climbers at a storied quasi-secret crag. Traveling through the meandering hills I decide that that was an oxymoron I could appreciate.

At Farley Ledges (oops), beta is a word of mouth affair. Sometimes an oral history is more vivid than a written account.  You see a climb and maybe you’ll pick up a name and rating. It’s a throwback to the olde days, before cell phones, MountainProject or guide books. Nothing but gneiss rock and good company.

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Plattekill Glades Workday 2014

As Plattekill Mountain preps the trails with snowmaking and other upgrades, NYSkiBlog is pleased to announce that we’ve been invited back for a fourth year of off-the-map improvements for another snowy winter of tree skiing.


By now the drill is well known by the previous attendees but everyone is welcome to join regardless of experience. Come to help improve the skiing and get a feel for the Plattekill vibe.

If you haven’t been, the mountain is a world apart from a typical resort, blessed with frequent lake-effect snowfall and skiers that are happy to let other people go first on the chair to get to it. It’s skiing the way it used to be.

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