Interview with Skiology Matt

Northeast SkiologyA year ago, the eastern ski community didn’t really know Matthew Bramble — aka Skiology Matt. Then, in October of 2018, he launched a Facebook group called Northeast Winter Weather and Ski Conditions. NWWSC is different than other weather sources. Beyond weather forecasts, Matthew synthesizes weather information to predict ski conditions.

The group serves many northeast skiers and riders, with information they can easily use to make decisions. The group quickly gained popularity, gaining more than 3000 fans, organically, over the course of one season. We asked Matthew about his motivations and plans for the future.

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Gore Mountain Snow Reporting

Gore Mountain Snow TotalsNYSkiBlog began in 2008 as a personal blog about adventure in the Adirondacks. At that time, the site focused much of it’s energy and content on trip reports, conditions and improvements at Gore Mountain. While our focus and audience has expanded beyond these roots, they run deep. We estimate that nearly one-third of our audience calls Gore home, and Gore threads posted in our forums still generate a lot of interest and discussion.

For the last five years NYSkiBlog has recorded snow reporting published by Gore Mountain. While the mountain is consistent in reporting daily snowfall, they don’t publish cumulative seasonal totals or historical records. During the 2008-2009 season, we noted this and began to keep a running total of reported accumulations.

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NY Ski Weather Center Upgrade

During the summer we take advantage of a lull in the action to make site improvements. This summer has been no different.  We’ve moved the blog to WordPress, a much more robust framework.  One advantage is the ability to customize pages.

Northeast US Infrared Loop
Northeastern US Infrared 12 Hr Loop

NYSkiBlog began in 2008 as a weather resource and in 2012 we’re taking our ski weather page to the next level. We hope the new format will provide a convenient way to get current and forecast ski conditions and weather quickly.

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